Life of Mary Queen of Scots, 2. kötet

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Constable & Company, 1831

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140. oldal - When that the poor have cried, Caesar hath wept: Ambition should be made of sterner stuff: Yet Brutus says he was ambitious; And Brutus is an honourable man. You all did see, that on the Lupercal, I thrice presented him a kingly crown, Which he did thrice refuse.
302. oldal - Bothwell for her husband, but avoweth constantly that she will live and die with him, and saith that if it were put to her choice to relinquish her crown and kingdom or the Lord Bothwell, she would leave her kingdom and dignity to go as a simple damsel with him, and that she will never consent that he shall fare worse or have more harm than herself.
239. oldal - God forbid that I should make so foul a shipwreck of my conscience, or leave so great a blot to my poor posterity, to shed blood without Law or Warrant...
256. oldal - ... agreeable woman rather than an illustrious queen. The vivacity of her spirit, not sufficiently tempered with sound judgment, and the warmth of her heart, which was not at all times under the restraint of discretion, betrayed her both into errors and into crimes. To say that she was always unfortunate...
279. oldal - How shamefully the Queen, our Sovereign, was led captive, and, by fear, force, and (as by many conjectures may be well suspected) other extraordinary and more unlawful means, compelled...
285. oldal - Good. ii. 252. They assembled accordingly, at Hampton Court, December 14. and 15. 1568 ; and, " The originals of the letters supposed to be written with the* Queen of Scots' own hand, were then also presently produced and perused ; and, being read, were duly conferred and compared, for the manner of writing, and fashion of orthography, with sundry other letters long since heretofore written, and sent by the said Queen of Scots to the Queen's Majesty. In collation whereof no difference was found.
276. oldal - Moray to the Earl of Morton for a small silver box overgilt with gold, with all missive letters, contracts, or obligations for marriage, sonnets, or love-ballads contained therein, sent and passed betwixt the Queen and James, sometime Earl Bothwell ; which box, and whole pieces within the same, were taken and found, with...
216. oldal - ... empower twentyfour persons, by a commission under the great seal, to examine into, and pass sentence upon such offences ; and after judgment given, a proclamation...
229. oldal - ... as equally repugnant to both. And, if ever I have given consent by my words, or even by my thoughts, to any attempt against the life of the queen of England, far from declining the judgment of men, I shall not even pray for the mercy of God...

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