War Medals of the British Army, and how They Were Won

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Norie and Wilson, 1893 - 656 oldal
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376. oldal - Russians, which had been smashed utterly by our charge, and had fled off at one flank and towards the centre, were coming back to swallow up our handful of men. By sheer steel and sheer courage Enniskillener and Scot were winning their desperate way right through the enemy's squadrons, and already...
83. oldal - ... the right and centre, he seemed determined to render the attack upon the left more serious; and had succeeded in obtaining possession of the village, through which the great road to Madrid passes, and which was situated in front of that part of the line. From this post, however, he was soon expelled with...
179. oldal - Billow upon the enemy's flank was a most decisive one; and, even if I had not found myself in a situation to make the attack which produced the final result, it would have forced the enemy to retire if his attacks should have failed, and would have prevented...
282. oldal - Thick as standing corn, and gorgeous as a field of flowers, stood the Baluchis in their many-coloured garments and turbans ; they filled the broad deep bed of the Fuleli, they clustered on both banks, and covered the plain beyond. Guarding their heads with their large dark shields, they shook their sharp swords, beaming in the sun, their shouts rolled like a peal of thunder, as with frantic gestures they rushed forward, and full against the front of the 22nd dashed with demoniac strength and ferocity.
114. oldal - Nothing could stop that astonishing infantry. No sudden burst of undisciplined valour, no nervous enthusiasm weakened the stability of their order...
105. oldal - Command of His Royal Highness The Prince Regent in the Name and on the behalf of His Majesty BATHURST.
114. oldal - No sudden burst of undisciplined valour, no nervous enthusiasm weakened the stability of their order, their flashing eyes were bent on the dark columns in their front, their measured tread shook the ground, their dreadful volleys swept away the head of every formation, their deafening shouts overpowered the dissonant cries that broke from all parts of the tumultuous crowd, as slowly and with a horrid carnage it was pushed by the incessant vigour of the attack to the farthest edge of the hill.
143. oldal - as one of the strongest and most difficult of access that he had ever seen occupied by troops.
142. oldal - Lancey, who was killed by a cannon shot in the middle of the action. This officer is a serious loss to His Majesty's service, and to me at this moment.
153. oldal - Clasps, are to be worn by the General Officers, suspended by a Ribbon of the colour of the sash, with a blue edge, round the neck ; and by the Commanding Officers of Battalions, or Corps equivalent thereto ; and Officers who may have succeeded to the actual command during the engagement ; the Chiefs of Military Departmf nti.

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