Intercepted Letters, Or, The Twopenny Post-bag: To which are Added, Trifles Reprinted

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J. Carr, 1813 - 109 oldal

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65. oldal - Because it is a slender thing of wood, That up and down its awkward arm doth sway, And coolly spout and spout and spout away, In one weak, washy, everlasting flood ! EPIGRAM.
46. oldal - PE, in whisker'd state, Before me at his breakfast sate : On one side lay unread Petitions, On t'other, Hints from five Physicians — Here tradesmen's bills, official papers Notes from my Lady, drams for vapours — There plans of saddles, tea and toast, Death-warrants and the Morning-Post.
53. oldal - Continent still, And, with nothing at home but starvation and riot, Find Lisbon in bread, and keep Sicily quiet. I am proud to declare I have no predilections...
35. oldal - Having quitted the Borders, to seek new renown, Is coming, by long Quarto stages, to Town ; And beginning with ROKEBY (the job's sure to pay) Means to do all the Gentlemen's Seats on the way. Now, the Scheme is (though none of our hackneys can beat him) To start a fresh Poet through Highgate to meet him ; Who, by means of quick proofs — no revises — long coaches — May do a few Villas, before Sc — TT approaches — Indeed, ifour Pegasus be not curst shabby, He'll reach, without found'ring,...
76. oldal - Hydaspes. namque me silva lupus in Sabina, dum meam canto Lalagen et ultra terminum curis vagor expeditis, fugit inermem.
78. oldal - JACK and Jill went up the hill, To fetch a pail of water; Jack fell down and broke his crown And Jill came tumbling after.
53. oldal - NG into fashion. This is all I can lay to my conscience at present, When such is my temper, so neutral, so pleasant, So royally free from all troublesome feelings, So little encumber'd by faith in my dealings...
80. oldal - Die when you will, you need not wear At Heaven's Court a form more fair Than Beauty here on earth has given ; Keep but the lovely looks we see — • The voice we hear — and you will be An angel ready-made for Heaven ! * The words addressed by Lord Herbert of Cherbury to the beautiful Nun at Murano.
35. oldal - Scott, you must know, (Who, we're sorry to say it, now works for the Row\ Having quitted the borders, to seek new renown, Is coming, by long quarto stages, to town ; And beginning with Rokeby (the job's sure to pay) Means to do all the gentlemen's seats on the way. Now, the scheme is (though none of...
49. oldal - House had long settled the question, I thought it but decent, between me and you, That the two other Houses should settle it too. I need not remind you how cursedly bad Our affairs were all looking, when father went mad ; A strait waistcoat on him, and restrictions on me, A more limited monarchy could not well be.

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