Fu', full, intoxicated with li- Graith,furniture, accoutriments
Green, to wish or long for
Grane, groan
Grassum, gratis
Gutcher, grandfather.
Gudeman, and gudewife, master
and mistress of the house
Gusty, savory, high seasoned
Gulzie, or gully, a long knife



Gane, gone, gawn, gowing, gaed, went

Gab, the mouth, to talk perthy
Gang, to go, gaed, went
Gaudsman, ploughboy
Gar, compel, gart, compelled
Ga', gall
Gausy, jolly, buxom
Gantrie, a bench or horse for
beer barrel, to stand on
Gash, smartly, sagacious, for-
wardly, talkative

Gaist, ghost

Gear, riches, goods of any kind
Geck, to toss the head in wan-
tonness or scorn
Gif, or gin, if
Gie, give, gae, did give
Gizzen'd, shrunk with drought
Gimmer, companion, associate
Girnel, a store of grain, a meal

Gillet, jilt

Girdle, griddle
Gird, a hoop

Girn, grin, to weep, greet, to cry, grat, did cry

Glower, to stare, to look, a stare, a look

Glaiket, idle, thoughtless, got
the glaiks, beguiled
Glomin, the twilight
Gled, a kite

Gleg, sharp, quick, active
Gowdpink, goldfinch
Gowan, wild daisy

Gowk, a cuckoo, a foolish per

Hame, home

Hallowe'en, the 31st of October
Hae, have, had, hold
Haly, holy

Haughs, low lying rich lands,
Har'st, harvest

Haus, the gullet or throat
Haflins, nearly the half
Halesom, wholesome, healthful
Hap, a covering, to wrap, to


Gowpin, the full of your two
hands joined together
Gree, to agree, victory


Haffit, the side of the head
Ha', hall

Haiverel, a half witted person
Hech! Oh! strange!
Heese, to raise, to lift up
Helter-skelter, hastily, rashly,
Hether, heath

Herrie, to plunder

Heart-scad, heart burn
Himsel, himself

Hip, to miss in reading, &c.
Hinny, honey
Houp, hope

Hooly, careful, slowly

How, a hollow between the hills
Houff, a place of resort

E e

Haind, saved, laid up.
Harl, drag

Halland, or hallan, a partition wall in a cottage

Hawkie, a common name given

to a cow

Hodin, homespun woollencloth
Howder, creep together, hide
Hurdies, the posteriors
Howk, dig, howked, digged
Hotch, jolt

Langer, longer, lang, long
Laird, owner of land
Lasses, maidens, girls
Lave, the rest, the remainder
Laith, loth

Hound, hunt with dogs as a Lawen, or lawin, a tavern reck-
Hyn, hastening.


Land o cakes, Scotland Laighlen, a milking pale, or pale for other purposes

Leal, loyal, true, upright, ho


Lear, learning

Ley, or lee, unploughed land,
land of the first year's plough.
ing, a green field, a warm
sheltered place
Lerroch, a place for an easy
chair to stand in
Leesh, lashed
Lightlyin, snearing

Lilt, a ballad, to sing a tune
Lith, a joint
Lift, the sky


I' in

Ilk, or ilka, each, every
Ingle, fire in a fire-place
Ither, other.


Joe, a sweetheart
Joot, liquor, swill
Jow, toll as a bell.


Kirk, church
Kist, a chest

Kail, a plant of the cabbage
kind, sometimes broth
Kane, a tax paid in poultry to
the lord of the manor
Kaim, comb

Kent, knew, ken, to know
Kern, a churn, to churn
Kebbuik, a cheese
Keppit, stopped
Keek, peep
Kittle, difficult,
knotty, to tickle


Knifely, sharply, cuttingly
Know, a hillock
Ky, cow

Kyte, the belly

Kyth, to appear, to prosper.


Laverock, sky-lark

Lingans, or lingals, the thread which a shoemaker sews with Limmer, a bad woman, a light girl

Livin, living, provision, main-

Lintie, or lintwhite, a linnet
Lore, talent, instruction
Lounder, a rude blow
Loup, to leap, or jump
Loun, a young boy, a soft lad, a

[blocks in formation]

the middle of the high street Nae, no, not any

Neist, next

of Edinburgh Lure, rather. Lyart, hoary, or grey headed Lyrth, warm and sheltered, to thicken broth

Nebb, bill of a bird, the point Nicker, to laugh, to neigh as a horse


Maist, most, amaist, almost
Mak, make

Maen, lament

Mair, more

Mart, fatted cattle killed about
the 1st of November and salt-
ed up for family use
Maments, moments
Mailin, a farm

Maunna, must not, maun, must Owk, week

Maukin, the hare

Owsen, oxen
Owr, over.

Maister, chamber lye
Messjohn, a priest or curate
Menzies, a large company of
men or followers, an army,
assembly, confused crowd
Meltith, a meal
Mirk, dark

Nickstick, a tallystick
Nippin, nipping, pinching
Nook, a corner
Nowt, oxen

Notar, notary public.


Ohon! oh! alas!
Ony, any
O', of

Muckle, or meikle, much, or
large, muckle maun, very big
Multer, a toll paid to the miller
Mutche, a cap worn by women
Mysell, myself


Na, no, not, nane, none

Orrow, to spare, any thing over
O't, of it

Mishanter, mischief
Misand, musing

Misleard, easily defeated, a Peacefu', peaceful

fraid, unmannerly Mou, mouth

Mony, many
Monsmeg, a great gun formerly
in the fortress of Edinburgh,
of a very large calibre
Muc, to clear dung from the


Pauky, sly, cunning, witty
Parritch, oatmeal pudding, a
well known Scotch dish
Pakes, chastisement
Partans, a species of crabs

Pechin, to pant, to breath short
Peat, or peet, turf for fire
Pelf, lucre, money
Pickle, a small quantity
Pibroch, martial music on the
Pit, put
Pig, an earthen jar
Pirn, or pirney, a spool
Pleugh, plough

Plaidie, or plaid, crossed strip-
ed woollen cloth, the cover-
ing made out of this cloth
Plack, a small Scotch coin, a
trifle, plackless, poor, with.

out means

Plucke, pimple

Pley, a debate, a quarrel
Pow, the head
Pose, purse, a deposit
Pock, bag
Poortith, poverty
Prie, taste

Que', forsay, or said, quoth
Quat, did quit
Quey, a young cow.


Saw, sowen

Sang, a song, sangster, a singer
Sair, sore

Sae, so

Prieven, a tasteing

Saul, soul

Provost, mayor

Sax, six

Prig, importune, to cheapen Sark, shirt or shift

the price Puddock, frog.

[blocks in formation]

Rantin, joyous, jolly
Rax, to stretch, to grow
Reek, smoke, reeky, smoky
Remeid, remedy
Respecket, respected
Ream, cream, reaming, foam- Sclates, slates


Reath, a quarter of a year
Reesle, rustle

Rook, reduce, rookit, to loose
Runkle, wrinkle

Ruck, a rick of hay, or stalk of


Rug, rive, to pull, a good many,
a good deal
Rung, cudgel.


Sattlin, settling
Saft, soft

Saut, salt, sauted, salted
Sall, shall
Sair'd, served

Scantlin, scantly, scarcely
Screed, to tear a rent

Scrap, did scrape, scrapin, scra


Scowder, or scouther, to scorch,
to singe
Scunner, to loathe

Scauld, one who scolds, to scold
Scaw'd, scabbed, of no value
Scape, a bee hive
Scough, skulk, start

Sel, self, yoursell, yourself
Seenil, seldom

Sell'd, sold

Sey-piece, master piece
Shinen, shining, sheen, clear,

Shaw, to shew, a small wood in
a hollow place
Shoon, shoes
Shanna, shall not
Sin, since

Sicker, sure
Sic, such

Simmer, summer
Siller, money
Sib, a kin, related

Skaith, harm, hurt, loss, ex-

Skelpin, slapping, running fast
Skair, share or portion
Skirl, screech

Skelf, shelf
Slae, sloe, the fruit of the black


Sleek, sly, artful and cunning,
smooth, slee, sly
Slaister, dirty work
Staw, slow

Slocken, to allay thirst

Sma'est, smallest, sma', small, Starn, or starnie, a star


[blocks in formation]

Strae, straw
Straik, stroke or blow
Steeve, stiff, stout, firm
Strath, a plain on a river side
Stoiter, stagger

Stilt, handle of a plough, a
Stown, stolen

up Stent, task Stravaig, to stroll, or wander

Stan', stand, stannin, standing Steek, to shut

[blocks in formation]
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