"Oft then, O mortals! oft this dreadful truth "Should be proclaim'd-for fate is in the


"That genius, learning, health and vigorous youth,

"May, in one day, in death's cold chains be bound."



A, all, ay, always
Ablins, perhaps
Aboon, above
Aff off

Ahint, behind
Aik, oak


Explanation of the words and phraseology used in the foregoing Poems.

Aince, once, ain, one, yence, Ban, to swear


Aith, oath

Aits, oats, aiten, reed the shepherds pipe

Airth, or airi, quarter of the


Aithly, certainly, assuredly, ea

sily Alane, alone

Alschin, an awl

Amang, among
An', and

Ane, own

Antrin, here and there, now and then


Bawbee, a halfpenny
Bauk, beam or balance
Bauld, bold

Baith, both
Bane, bone
Ba', ball

Anent, concerning, thereanent, concerning it

Auld, old, auldfarrant wise
Ay, always
Auld-reikie, Edinburgh
Aught, eight
Awa, away

Bairn, child
Baudrins, the cat
Bannet, bonnet
Barra, borough
Bardly, brany stout
Baxter, a baker
Batie, a name given to a dog
Bannock, a very thick round

oat cake

Bassie, the name of a horse
Bailie, alderman

Beasties, cattle

Beted, happened to, fell out Beyont, beyond Bent, the open field Blear, watery-eyed, weeping, disease of the eyes, faint light

Beek, or beik, to bask
Bein, wealthy, comfortable
Bend, draught to drink
Ben, the inner room
Behad, behold

[blocks in formation]

Cladin, cloathing
Claver, clover
Clash, to tattle

Clarty, dirty, filthy
Claith, cloth

Clad, cloathed, covered
Clamehewit, an unlucky blow
Claw, scratch
Clung, empty, lean
Clugh, a cliff, a hollow between
two rocks

Cog, or Coggie, a wooden dish made with staves and hoops] Coft, bought Cour, couch, creep Colley, or collie, a certain species of dogs

Couth, comfortable, kind, loving, snug Coble, a fishing boat Coup, to tumble, to barter, a gang, or riotous company, a favour or favourable bargain Coof, blockhead, a ninny Corbie, a raven Cow, to terrify, to keep under, to lop or cut, a branch of withered heath, broom, &c. an imaginary thing to frighten children or people timid by night Cod, a pillow Couter, ploughshare Connoch, to eat greedily Codroch, rude, clumsy Crammin, cramming. Crack, to discourse Crup, the gizzard, the stomach, crap, crop, crap, did creep Craig, a rock the throat or neck Creesh, grease, to grease Crowdy, a kind of pottage Craw, crow

Crummy, the name of a cow
Cruizy, a lamp

Cronie, neighbour, companion

[blocks in formation]

Doited, worn with fatigue
Douk, to duck

Douff, hollow, wanting vivacity
Drap, a drop, dribb, drop
Droukit, or drakat, draggled,
bespattered, drenched



Drucken, drunken

Dree, to suffer, to bare
Drumly, muddy
Dub, gutter
Dung, defeated, driven
Dudd, a tattered garment
Dunk, damp
Dwxam, qualm
Dwall, to deal.


Edina, or Edin, Edinburgh
Ein, eyes, eie, eye
Eithly, easily, eith, easy
Eild, age, old age
Eiening, withered up with


[blocks in formation]

Fand, found

Ferra cow, one that gives milk
for two years without having
a calf

dress, spruce Fadge, a spungy sort of bread in the shape of a roll

Ferlie, to wonder at, ferlies,
things wonderful or uncom-


Eident, industrious
Eiry, shy, afraid

Eikit, joined, or spliced toge- Flit, to move

ther Elden, fuel

Eneugh, enough

Fek, many, plenty
Feckless, weak, puny, rather in
poor health

Fenzing, feigning, pretending
Fend, or fen, shift, to live in-
dustriously and comfortably
Fell, keen, biting the flesh im-
mediately under the skin
Fifan, belonging to Fifeshire,

Fin, fine
Fient, fiend

Flite, or flyte, to scold, chide
Fley, frighten, affleyed, fright-

Flung, defeated in design
Fleg, a fright, a blow
Flit, to remove

Fleetchin, to coax, wheedle, im-

Findrum, speldins, dried had-

Flunkey, a valet

Foulfa', evil befall

Fouth, plenty, enough, or more
than enough
Fouk, folk

Forespak, forboded

For't, for it

Forgather, to meet, to encoun


Fousom, unwholesome, disgust

Forseeth, forsooth
Foy, a parting treat
Freaks, whims, pranks
Frae, from
Fudlin, drinking

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