LEEDS.—The Leeds Musical Union gave its Third Dress |

PARIS. Concert in the music Hall, on Friday evening (the 30th ult).

(From our own Correspondent.) The singers were Madame Clara Novello, Miss Messent, THE season of 1855 has been fatal to every kind of concert, Herr Reichardt, Signors Sivori, Piatti, Mr. Land, and Master vocal or instrumental. It has ended as it began. On Sunday Arthur Napoleon.

last a monster concert was advertised " par ordre," at the Palace COALBROOKDALE,—Miss Darby, one of the proprietors of the of Industry. Enormous placards, some four yards square, were Coalbrookdale Works, has presented to the music class of the posted in every direction, and announced the tidings to the Literary and Scientific Institution a semi-grand pianoforte, value | Parisian world. Upwards of 4,500 singers were to take part fifty guineas. By way of inaugurating the instrument, the mem | in this musical fête, and to march, banner in front, to the bers gave a concert, which was numerously attended. Mr. Charles | Industrial Palace. The following societies were furnished by Roden conducted the concert, and Master Theophilus Watkiss pre- the capital; L'Orphéon, of Paris, Les Enfants, of La sided at the pianoforte. The other performers, all, we believe, in | Parisienne, Les Enfants of the Seine, La Chorale de L'Odéon, Les the employ of the Coalbrookdale Works, were Messrs. W.Walker, Enfants de Choisy-le-Roi, L'Orphéon of Nogent, Les Tyroliens, H. Bradburn (violins), Mr. W. Bradburn (violoncello), Mr. Baily Les Enfants de Gulin (Chapelle-Saint-Denis), L'Orphéon de (double-bass), Mr. G. Aston (flute), and Mr. H. Griffiths (cornet). Vaugirard, and L'Orphéon de Vanves. From the provinces came The vocalists were Messrs. John Evans, Paul Elwell, Isaiah and the choral societies of Strasbourg, Lille, Arras, Douai, Roubaix, George Jones.

Valenciennes, Boulogne, Colmar, Jura, Dôle, Bar-le-Duc, Dieppe, HUDDERSFIELD.—Mr. Dean 'played on a new organ, purchased for the Elbeuf, Troys, Sens, Poitiers, Orleans, Versailles, Saint-Germain, Highfield Chapel, one evening last week. The instrument appeared to Meaux, Sévres, Montereaux, Nemours, and many others. satisfy the audience assembled to hear it. Several choruses were sung Finally, from Belgium came the Les Echos d'Outre-Meuse, Les during the evening, after which a subscription was opened, and

Amis Réunis, of Liège ; La Société d'Orphée, La Société Lyrique, £23 16s. 8d. realized-sufficient, as Mr. Sykes admitted, to pay the and L'Harmonie, from Mons ; La Société des Etudiants, and La balance due for building the instrument.

Société d'Orphée, of Ghent; La Societé Royale, les Châurs and UXBRIDGE.--(From a Correspondent.)-The Uxbridge Choral Society

La Société des Chant, from Bruges; L'Union Chorale, of Brussels; gave a concert on Monday evening, the 26th ult. for the purpose of purchasing a pianoforte for the special use of the society. In addition to

La Société Chorale of Namur ; and Les Echos de L'Escaut,

of Antwerp. the members, the services of the Misses Walls from London, and a violin. ist, pupil of M. Sainton (Mr. W. A. Sondes), were retained. The young

M. Berlioz was dethroned to make way for M.M. Gounod and ladies obtained several encores. Mr. Sondes played De Beriot's Tremolo,

Delaporte, as joint conductors, and four military bands, supplied and a duet for violin and pianoforte with Mr J S. Birch, who also with all M. Saxe's latest and most formidable inventions in the officiated as conductor and accompanyist. The execution of the choral | way of brass instruments, were destined to accompany this pieces was creditable to the members of the Society.

truly monster chorus. The following was the programme : GLOUCESTER.-(From our own Correspondent.)-The third con

God save the Queen. cert of the Philharmonic Society was more fully attended than

Chorus, “ Saint Hubert ” ... ... ... Laurent de Rillé. either of the previous ones, many persons being unable to find

Chorus, “La Muette” ...

Auber. seats. The programme (with vocal music for the first time since

"Le vin des Gaulois ... ..

Gounod. the existence of the Society) was as follows:

Aux armes ... ... ... ... ... Clapisson.

La Retraite ... ... ... ... ... Overture, La Gazza Ladra-Rossini. Symphony No. 1 in C-Beeth.

Laurent de Rillé.

O Salutaris... ... ... ... ... ... Dugué. oven. Quintett, “ The Woods” - Mendelssohn. 'Polka, “ Bride's” –

Vive l’Empereur ... .... Gounod. D'Albert. Overture, La Dame Blanche-Boželdieu. Symphony, No. 4

This programme formed a marked contrast with that put - Mozart.—Duet, “The Elfin's Call.” Quadrille, “Como”—D'Albert.

forth by M. Berlioz: and M.M. Gounod, Clapisson, and Laurent The execution of the Beethoven Symphony was very unequal, de Rillé made but sorry substitutes for Beethoven, Mozart, and indeed, in many parts, rather slovenly. The most noticeable Rossini. The tickets were seven francs each, and the concert feature of the evening was the Symphony of Mozart, which, was announced for half-past one. Most of the provincial and as it had been oftener rehearsed, was creditable. The second Belgian societies arrived on Thursday and Friday, in order to be movement, especially, was well given, although the last in time for the rehearsal on Saturday. At the very outset, howamounted to something like a scramble. Both vocal pieces ever, a dispute arose between the promoters of the concert and were encored. You know we are famous for encoring in Glou- the Belgian societies. These latter demanded that their expenses cester—the Music Meeting Concerts to wit. The number of should be paid, which was reasonable enough, seeing they were subscribers is steadily on the increase, and, in a short time, I not to share in the receipts. This was met, however, with a fancy, the new premises will hardly be found sufficiently large direct refusal, which led to a lively discussion, and eventually to to accommodate the audiences.

a most unpleasant wrangle. The consequence was that many To judge from the number of gentlemen who have accepted of the Belgian choirs refused to attend either rehearsals or the office of stewards for the Triennial Meeting of the Choirs in concert. 1856, the prospects are encouraging. The list is by far the largest About one o'clock the public began to arrive, and at the hour that ever appeared at Gloucester, Worcester, or Hereford. A appointed, half past one-the audience numbered some 10 or general meeting of the stewards was held last week, when, in 12,000. The day was foggy, raw, and bitterly cold : the building addition to the names published in the Musical World, Sept. 1st, comfortless, and the thermometer inside very little above freezthe following were proposed and accepted for the responsible ing point. It was announced that the King of - Sardinia, in office :-Edmund Hopkinson, Esq., John Rolt, Esq., Q.C., John company with the Emperor and Prince Napoleon, would honour Fortescue Brickdale, Esq., Hon. Ashley Ponsonby, M.P., the the concert with his presence, but unfortunately bis Sardinian Rev. Canon Banks, the Rev. G. D. Bourne, the Rev. R.W. Hip- | Majesty had chosen the same day for the reception of the pesley, and the Rev. E. F. Witts. Thos. Holt, Esq., (registrar of corps diplomatique. Whether it was that the diplomatists the diocese,) is appointed treasurer, and that most indefatigable were more than usually prosy, or that the King dreaded of honorary secretaries, James Henry Brown, again kindly gives the effect of M. Clapisson's music, the result was most his valuable services to the interest of the Festival. The con unpleasant for the public. Two o'clock sounded and do ductor, of course, will be Mr. Amott, while eight of the most royal or imperial majesties appeared. Point de roi, point de active stewards have undertaken the whole affair. The date is concert, seemed M. Gounod's idea, for he gave no sign of not yet decided, but it will most probably be either the latter commencing. The “audience”-quasi lucus a non lucendoend of August or the beginning of September.

having nothing whereto to listen, began making noises on their HAMBURGH.-Nicolai's Lustige Weiber von Windsor is in re own account, more significant than pleasant. At length M. hearsal. Herr Carl Formes is expected every day.

Gounod favoured them with his own cantata, “ Vive l'Empereur." MAGDEBURG.-Herr von. D, Osten has been giving concerts Its effect was extraordinary, and for nearly an hour no further here with great success.

sound was heard from the audience, who evidently dreaded lest the conductor should accept it as a signal, and favour them with know will" (saura gré) to M. Calzado, the manager, who also has a repetition of what they had just endured. Three o'clock came, in hand a new semi-serious opera, by one Pedrotti, called La and still the concert was uncommenced. A few minutes after- | Fiorina, for Mad. Penco, Signori Carrion, Everadi, etc. It is also wards, however, the imperial party arrived, and took their seats pleasant to relate that Mdlle. Boccabadati is restored to health, while “ Vive l'Empereur" was repeated. They seemed to feel and will appear incessamment in the Sonnambula, and, moreover, the icy cold of the interior, and shortly after their arrival the with Mesdms. Penco and Borghi-Mamo, will help the public to a Emperor whispered to the King, who immediately put on his hat, new hearing of Cimarosa's Matrimonio Segreto. (Why not the as did also the Prince Napoleon. The concert began, and proved opera of the same master, for which Rossini expresses so great an a most entire failure. Auber's lovely chorus met with an encore, admiration to the confabulatory Ferdinand Hiller-Le Trame and was the only thing that in any degree thawed the ice of the Deluse.) But this is not all. Verdi's still unknown, on this side audience. The imperial party left at four, and choristers, bands, of the Alps, Traviata (the Dame aux Camélias) is in preparation, and public soon afterwards dispersed.

and, to conclude, the world will at last be made acquainted with The Trovatore has been given at the Italiens with great the Don Bucefalo of that same Cagnoni from whose pen a miserand well-deserved success. Mario was the Trovatore, and on able Cavatina was wont to be sung at the festivals by Madame the first night of his performance many of the audience seemed Clara Novello-since this opera “they mount equally(On disappointed that he would not strain his voice like Baucardé, | monte également). and compete with the anvils, bells, &c., which play so prominent There is no end of new operas. M. Adolph Adam has already a part in the opera. His success was therefore somewhat uude- | put his well-worn nibs to music-paper, in the shape of another cided. On further reflection, however, the public evidently con

two-act opera (the hundredth-and-what) for the renirée of Malle. cluded that he was in the right, and that such a lovely and Meillet, the libretto whereof is the work of those inexhaustible cultivated organ as he possesses, wherewith to interpret the scribes (not Scribe) MM. Leuven and De Beauplan. When music of Mozart, Rossini, and Meyerbeer, should not be sacri- will Monsieur Adam imitate his great friend Rossini, have ficed at that shrine which has (according to Madame Jenny Lind) an attack of the nerves, and present his pen to the Jews ? been the ruin of half the voices of Young Italy. On the second At the Théâtre-Lyrique, M. Hermann Léon, the bass night he achieved an undeniable triumph, and was recalled singer, well-known at the Opéra-Comique, is engaged. The after the “ Miserere," and twice at the conclusion of the opera. changing and chopping about from the Temple to the Feydeau Madame Borghi-Mamo confirmed and strengthened the favour- is perfectly bewildering ; everybody seems to be going from able impression caused by her performance of Azucena last everywhere to everywhere, and all to no purpose. year. Her singing was admirable, particularly in the recitative

VIENNA.—The Etoile du Nord is to be produced after all. of the second act; and in the prison scene she met with loud and Malle. Wildauer, the well known Court singer, has resigned her well-won applause. Madame Penco-for whom the part of part of Catherine, in consequence of indisposition, to Molle. Leonora was originally written—was effective, and Signor Gra- | Liebhardt. Herren Steger and Beck, the bawling tenor and the ziani displayed his fine voice to advantage, though he is getting

roaring bass, who were also indisposed (every body was indistoo much into the habit of singing loud.

posed) are now disposed, and the rehearsals are going on Roger is engaged for a term of four years at the Opera. This assiduously, under the superintendance of Meyerbeer, M. engagement is most satisfactory, for Roger is unquestionably the Hellmesberger, the fidler and composer, has returned from Paris, only good tenor at present on the French stage. He has accepted rayonnant with the blunders he and his companions have comthe principal part in Signor Biletta's new opera, La Rose demitted as art-judges in the Paris Exposition. The advent of Florence, which is now in rehearsal.

Joseph Joachim is expected immediately. I fear that next month will be the last that Malle. Cruvelli VIENNA.–On the next anniversary of Mozart's death (the 5th will remain on the stage. Nothing can exceed the liberal offers inst.), a monument will be erected by the municipal authorities made by M. Crosnier, and every inducement is held out in the of this capital, in honour of the great master, over his last resting hope of retaining so rare a prima donna. Every offer, however, place, which, it would appear, has been discovered. A sharp has hitherto been steadily declined, and I believe Malle. Cru controversy is being carried on between Herr von Lucan and velli's determination is fixed and unalterable.

Herr F. Glöggl, both of whom claim the merit of the discovery. Mr. Lumley is in Paris, and, from what I hear, is actively BERLIN.–At the Royal Opera House, Herr Dorn's opera, Die employed, about what I have not heard.

Niebelungen has been revived, with Madlle. Johanna Wagner as
Brunhilde, her original part. . Great activity still prevails in the

world of concerts. At the last one given by Herr Joachim and FOREIGN

Mad. Clara Schumann, the programme was particularly attracPARIS.-Ernst, who has been some time in Paris, has left for | tive, containing specimens of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven, Dijon, where he has announced a concert at the theatre. This most admirably interpreted by Herr Joachim. Mad. Clara will be the first appearance of the celebrated violinist in the de Schumann performed Beethoven's sonata, "Les Adieux, l’Absence, partment of the Côte-d'Or. Schulhoff. the pianist, has just arrived. et le Retour," the scherzo capriccio in F, by Mendelssohn, and a Of the operas there is something to say. The Vépres Siciliennes “Jagdund Schlummerlied,” by Schumann. Mad. Meklenburg at the Grand, and the Etoile du Nord at the Comique, soberly diversified the purely instrumental character of the concert, by varied by M. Adam's Houssard de Berchine, as the phrase goes, singing the first air from Iphigenia in Tauris. The second “ font lez frais !On the 10th instant-en attendant, Manon quartette- Versammlung of Herren Zimmermann, Ronneburger, l'Escavt of Scribe and Auber, with the long expected apparition &c., took place in the Cecilia Hall at the Singacademie. Among of Marie Cabel in the fashionable part of the Boulevards-it other pieces, the programme included Beethoven's quartet in B is expected that a new three-act opera, the music by M. Massé, major (Op. 127), Haydn's in E (Cah. 12, No. 3), and a fragment called Les Saisons, the chief part in which is entrusted to Mad. consisting of a scherzo and andante from Mendelssohn's posthuUgalde, will be produced. An operetta in one-act, by M. Gevaert, mous works. Herr Wendt's new qnartet was successfully entitled Le Revenant, is also on the tapis. Meanwhile Madlle. repeated at the last Quartets-Soirée of Herren Oertling, RehHenrion, a pupil of the Conservatoire, has appeared three times | baum, Wendt, and Birnbach. At the second of a course of as Angèle in Le Domino Noir with success.

lectures he is now delivering, Professor A. B. Marx gave a comThe Emperor and the King of Sardinia went to the Opera on prehensive and interesting sketch of the musical instruments of Monday, to admire and applaud the charming Carolina Rosati, the Chinese and Indians, with practical illustrations. Dr. Franz in the ballet of Jovita, and on the Sunday previous an extra per Liszt is announced to appear on the 5th inst., at a concert of the formance was given of the evergreen Robert le Diable, which can Orchester-Verein. He was received at the railway station by count almost as many public representations as the immortal the committee, consisting of Herren Marx, Dorn, Stern, von “ Ascent" of Albert Smith (Albertus Maximus).

Bülow, Grell, Laub, and Bock. It is proposed to invite him to At the Italian Opera, Mad. Frezzolini, having signed a new a grand supper before his departure. Herr Joseph Wieniowski engagement, will shortly make her rentrée. The public “will is stopping here for a few days.

BRUSSELS. — (From our own Correspondent, Dec. 2.) – The verein. Herr Schneider sang the Recitative ed aria from Méhul's musical season has just commenced. M. Dupont, the pianist, Joseph (Vaterland, etc.) with success. The hymn to Eros and lately gave two Classical Concerts, in which he introduced seleco | Bacchus, from Mendelssohn's Antigone was given in an excellent tions from the great masters, from Bach to Mendelssohn. The manner by the same chorus. Herr G. Mertel, pianist from Association of Musicians has given its first concert. The pro Bremen, performed Schumann's concerto in A minor, and one of gramme, among other morceaux, included Beethoven's Symphony the rondos with orchestral accompaniments of Mendelssohn. in A. It was correctly played, but without energy. An Italian He is a good mechanist, but devoid of feeling. On the 1st inst., pianist, Signor Andreoli, executed with great animation the first at the theatre, we had a representation of Bellini's Romeo et movement of Hummel's Concerto in A minor. To-morrow, Juliette. The Romeo was personated by Mdlle. Bartel, Juliet by M. Cardovat, a new tenor-the fifth since September, the others Mdlle. Neuhold. Both made a good impression on a scanty having failed—will make his début. The great theatre in the audience. Malle. Neuhold is one of the best of the new opera Place de la Monnoie, which should have been ready last month, acquisitions. M. Colbrun, from Paris, has appeared at the Hofis likely to remain closed for at least six months more. The Theater in Dresden as Sarastro in the Zauberflöte, and in Robert Théâtre de Cirque is undergoing alterations to make it com- ! le Diable as Bertram. He has received a permanent engagefortable-if that be possible in the winter season. M. Jullien ment of 1800 thalers per annum. Herren Blaszmapn, Hüllweck, has carried off the cream of the orchestra of the Conservatoire, Hörner, and Göring have commenced a series of soirées in the and M. Fétis is in a pet. The Brothers Holmes have paid us á | Hotel de Saxe. Mölle. Marie Wieck, the pianist, has established visit lately, and played at a concert at the house of Captain at her own house a weekly soirée, to which she invites friends and Greville, in which they were very successful. M. Levassor is at | patrons of the art. Brussels, and draws money. Lately, while performing in one of LEIPSIC.—Herr Joachim and Mad. Clara Schumann will perhis popular pieces, he was so seriously injured by a cat that the form at concerts here, during the course of the present month. representation of Jocrisse had to be suspended. I forgot to STUTTGART.-Since the 5th August, when she was delivered of mention, that at the concert of the Association of Musicians, a still-born child, Mad. Marlow has suffered from a lameness of M. Hanssens conducted. I do not think he exhibited his usual one foot, the nerves of which are seriously affected. The lady vigour, which may be attributed to the presence of M. Fétis, who is totally incapable of moving, and had to be carried from her was seated in the front row, and looked on in a very patronising bed to the carriage which couveyed her to Wildbad, whither manner.

she has been taken in the hopes of recovering the use of hér', NAPLES.—Mercadante, the thrice venerable veteran, has entered paralysed limb. into a contract with the Impresario of the San Carlo to compose a new opera for the season of the Carnival 1856–7.

THE BURNING OF THE THEÂTRE DES LEIPSIC.-(From our own Correspondent.)—During the last

VARIETES AT BORDEAUX. , . month, we have had only one Gewandhaus concert, in consequence! The following letter bas been addressed to the Manager des Théâtres, of two Busstage, or fast days, falling so close together. The sixth |

by a correspondent.] took place on the 15th ult. The programme was as follows:

Bordeaux, 3rd Dec., 6 A.M. 1 Part I.- Overture, Cantemire, by Pesca ; Aria, with chorus, from Hän- SIR.-I have just witnessed a frightful and unaccountable deľs Sampson, by Mdlle. von Kettler; Concert in Form einer Gesangscene (dramatic concerto for the violin), Spohr, Herrn H. Lauterbach ; Scena

esangscene spectacle. One hour after the performance of M. Mélingue in ed aria, from Spohr's Faust, Herr A. Eilers; Andante and rondo, violin,

Lazare le Patre, which had as usual great success, a cry that

the Théâtre des Variétés was on fire was heard, and at the time I De Beriot, M. Lauterbach. Part II.-Symphony (E major), Gade.

am writing (five hours later), nothing remains of this splendid Malle. von Kettler sang well; Herr Eilers has become a favourite ;

edifice and of its contents, but a vast heap of blackened ruins in Herr Lauterbach won the deserved applause of the audience.

the midst of four bare walls. Most of the artists have lost their The orchestra was excellent. The overture of Fesca was inter

wardrobes, and M. Mélingue in particular, who kept everything preted with vigour. The third concert of the Musikverein

in the theatre, has suffered a loss the more to be regretted, since Euterpe took place on the 27th November. The selection

| besides its intrinsic money-value, his costumes possessed a was ;

peculiarly great artistic interest.

F. DEMARIE. Overture, Wasserträger, Cherubini; Schubert's symphony in C; Recitative ed aria, “Susanna, e non vieni"; " Dove sono," from Figaro and a concert aria of Mendelssohn, by Malle. von Heimburg. Beethoven'

ADVERTISEMENTS. concerto in G major (No. 4), and the Marsch and Elfenreigen by Men delssohn, transcribed for the piano by Franz Lizst, both performed by | UNDER the Immediate Patronage of the Courts of Europe, Herr A. Hänsel.

the Aristocracy, and the Upper Classes. Rowlands' Macassar Oil is uni

versally in high repute for its remarkable virtuos in nourishing, improving, and The overture might have gone with more precision; the sym- bersaiyin.

beautifying the human hair. Its operation in cases of baldness is peculiarly phony in some parts was open to the same objection. Målle. active; and in the growth of the beard, whiskers, inustachios, and eyebrows, it is von Heimburg sang her arias with tolerable power but little

also an unfailing stimulant. For children it is especially recommended, as forming

the basis of a beautiful head of hair. -Price 3s. 64., 7., 10s. 6d. (equal to four feeling. Herr Hänsel is a young pianist of promise, as far as

small), and 21s. per bottle.- ROWLANDS' KALYDOR, an Oriental botauical preexecution goes, but is deficient in style ; he has studied for some paration, for improving and beautifying the complexion, eradicating all cutaneous years at the Conservatory, and has played with success at the

defects and discolourations, and rendering the skin soft, fair, and blooming. It

obviates all the effects of clinate on the skin, whether with reference to cold and public examinations. An Englishman, Mr. Taplin, from Tavi inclemency, or intense solar heatPrice 4s. 6.1. and 8s. 6d. per bottle.-ROWstock, has completed his studies at the Conservatory, and it may

LANDS' ODONTO, or Pearl Dentifrice. A white powder, compounded of the

choicest and most récherché ingredients of the Oriental Herbal, of inestimable perhaps gratify his friends to hear that he will shortly return to

value in preserving and beautifying the Teeth, strengthening the Gums, and in England. Mr. Taplin has benefitted by the counsels of Mr. Mos rendering the Breath swot and pure.-Price 29d. per box cheles, Herr Plaidy, and other professors. At the seventh

Soli by A. ROWLAND and SOSS. 20), Hation Garden, London, and by

Chemists and Perfumers. Gewandhaus concert, Beethoven's first symphony, which has not been heard here for a long time, was performed; as was also Mr. W. Sterndale Bennett's overture to Die Najade (“The Naiads"), which the local critics say is a skilful imitation of Mendelssohn.* Be this as it may, the overture was received with an enthusiasm that would have gratified the composer had he been present. After the symphony, there was a selectiou from Rossini's L'Assedio di Corinto; the solos by Herre

AT GOODRICH'S CIGAR, TOBACCO, and SNUFF Schneider, Langer, and Eilers, the choruses by the Paulienern

A STORES (established 1780), 407, Oxford-street, London, near Soho-square.
Box, containing 14 fine Sisal Cigars, for ds. 9d., post free, 27 stamps. Nolie are

genuine uniess signed “H. N. Goodrich.". A large stock of the most appeuved * The " local critics" are prodigies of wisdom.



The Hewest Music.


NEW PUBLICATIONS. RRIDE OF LAMMERMOOR, composed by Tinney, D illustrated by Brandard. Piano solo, 38. ; orchestre, 58.; septett, 3s. 6d.“ T ES HUGUENOTS, composed by H. Laurent. Piano D'ALBERTS ALBUM FOR 1856. U solo, 38. ; orchestre, 5s. ; septett, 3s. 6d.

Just published, price 188., | PURITANI, composed by Tinney. Piano, 3s.; or.

EXQUISITELY ILLUSTRATED, AND BOUND IN WATERED SILK. chestre, 58. ; septett, 3s. 6ā. CONNAMBULA, composed by Tinney.

This Album is confidently announced as the most attractive Musical Annual

Piano solo, 3s.; I ever published, and as far superior to any of its predecessors. It contains a great piano four hands, 4s.; orchestre, 58.; septett, 3s. őd.

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No. 69. The Lily of the Valley Waltzes.
No. 68. The Palermo Quadrille.

No. 60. The Lillian Polka.

N.B.-For all the former sets seo complete list. 1 arranged for the pianoforte by Rudolf Nordmann. Price 28. 6d. LA RISTORI VALSE, Brillante. By Adrien Talexy.

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VENÈVE, Morceau Brillante. By Rudolf Nordmann.
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Just published published.)

No. 1. Home, Sweet Home, 3s.
No. 2. My Lodging is on the Cold Ground, 38.

No. 3. The British Grenadier's March, 38.

The above are likely to exceed in popularity all the previous efforts of tbio published.)

favourite composer. The arrangement of these universally popular Airs is brilliant

in the extreme, without great difficulty. THE MIDNIGHT GALÖP. By Adolph Gollmick. 1 28. 6d. (Published this day.)


Le Chant des Religieuses, 38. 1 Illustrated. 25. 6d. (Just published.)

The Soldier's Adieu ! Illustrated, 28. 6d.

Music on the Waters, Second Edition, 2s. 6d. 1 3s. (Just published.)


Red, Whito, and Blue, arranged by Naumann, 2s. Bd.

Ja Constance, 3s. published.)

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* The Third Edition of

A Rival to Faust and Dew-Drop, 4s,


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at the office of BOOSEY & SONS, 28, Holles-street. Sold also by REED, 15, John.
street. Great Portland-street: ALLEN, Warwick-lape; VICKERS, Holywell-street:
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Printed by William SPENCER JOHNSON, “Nassau Steam Pross," 60. St. Martin's

lane, in the Parish of St. Martin-in-ibe-Fields, in the County of Middlesex.Saturday, December 8, 1855,

Boosey and Sons, 28, Holles-strco.

SUBSCRIPTION:-Stamped for Postage, 20s. per annum-Payable in advance, by Cash or Post Office Order,

to BOOSEY & SONS, 28, Holles Street, Cavendish Square.

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M R. and MRS. PAGET (R.A.M.), Vocalists, Bass and 11 Contralto. Communications relative to Concerts and Oratorios to be addressed, “Atherstone, Warwickshire."

MDLLE. PAWLOWSKY, Professor of the Pianoforte 11 and Singing. Applications respecting terms, &c., may be addressed to Messrs. Lambert & Co., 315, Oxford-street.


HALL, MONDAY EVENING NEXT, December 17.-Mr. MITCHELL respectfully announces that Mendelssohn's Oratorio of ELIJAH will be performed on Monday next. Principal singers : Madame Goldschmidt, Miss Dolby, Miss Messent, Mr. Lockey, Mr. Lawler, and Mr. H. Braham. Doors open at 7, to commence at 8. Haydn's Oratorio of THE CREATION will be repeated during the Christmas Week, on Thursday Evening. Dec. 27, in which Madame Goldschmidt will sing the principal soprano part. The chorus and orchestra for these performances will consist of more than 600 performers. Conductor-M. Benedict. Prices of admission :-Seats in the Area, 78.; West Gallery and Body of the Hall, 10s. 6d.; Reserved and numbered Seats, One Guinea Tickets and full particulars may be obtained at Mitchell's Royal Library, 33, Old Bond-street.

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JULLIEN.-Royal Conservatory of Music, 213, II. Regent-street. Applicatious for admission into the classes for orchestral instruments received every Thursday until further notice. Full particulars of the laws and rules will be shortly advertised.

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1 POETICAL ELOCUTION, as adapted to the several purposes of Speaking, I FIRST-CLASS PRIZE MEDAL for Pianofortes (the only one awarded to Reading, and Singing, by the Rev. HUGH HUTTON, M.A.Select Classes for the English exhibitors), has been given to Messrs. Hopkinson, of 18, Sobo-square. study of the elder English Poets, and the practice of General Elocution.Address

By the unanimous decision of the Musical Jury, they were also entitled to the -No. 2, Provost-road, Haverstock-hill.

award of a GOLD MEDAL OF HONOUR. Messrs. Hopkinson received the GREAT EXHIBITION PRIZE MEDAL in 1851 ; and their Pianofortes have

been pronounced by Thalberg, Benedict, Szekely, Madme. Dul ken and other M ISS DOLBY begs to announce that her second and last eminent Pianists, "unsurpassed by those of any other maker." Crands, Boudoir I T Soirée Musicale will take place at her residence, 3, Binde-street, Man. grands, Cottages, and Sumi-cottages, in great variety, at strictly economical prices Chester-square, on Thursday the 20th instant, to commence at half past eight

To be seen at most of the principal music warehouses in England, Ireland, and precisely, when she will be assisted by Mrs. Tennant, Miss Amy Dolby, Scotland. Price Lists post free. Warerooms, 18, Soho-square, London. Messrs. Tennant, George Dolby, Lindsay Sloper, Sainton, Piatti, and George Russell. Tickets, 10s. 6d. cach. to be obtained of Messrs Cramer, & Co., 201, Regent-street, Messrs. Addison, 210, Regent-street, and of Miss Dolby, at her

DIANOFORTES.OETZMANN and PLUMB beg to inresidence.

1 form Music-sellers and Professors that in consequence of their having made

great improvements in the manufacture of their instruments, substituting ROYAL PANOPTICON.-Monday, the 17th instant,

machinery for manual labour, and taking advantage of the new Patent Steam

Drying processes, are enabled to offer to the Trade superior Pianofortes in Grands, IL being the ANNIVERSARY OF THE BIRTH OF BEETHOVEN, the Seini-Grands, and Cottages, in all variety of woods and designs, at considerably Organist of the above Institution, Mr. Edmund Chipp, will perform on the Grand reduced prices, Illustrated Lists sent on application, or a visit to their ManufacOrgan Selections from the Works of that Great Composer. Principal performances tory will prove the great advantage secured. 86, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury. at 12.30 p.m., 3 p.m., aud 8.30 p.m.

Manufactory, Chenies-street, Tottonham-court-road. Alexander and Co.'s Har


CARDINIAN NATIONAL HYMN, arranged for 24th, will be repeated Handel's Sacred Oratoria, MESSIAH, preceded by the Hymn pianoforte by Rudolf Nordmann. Price 2s. 6d. Boogey & Sons, 28, Hollesof the Allied Armies_G. Linley. Principal Vocalists : Miss Whithain (pupil of

Sir George Smart). Mrs. A. Gilbert, Miss M. Wells, Miss S. Cole, Mr. George
Perren, and Mr. Lawler. Trumpet Obligato, Mr. Harper. Leader, Mr. H.
Blagrove. Organist, Mr. T. Jolley. The Band and Chorus on an extensive scale.

TA RAVISSANTE VARSOVIANA, by Henri Laurent. Conductor - Mr. SURMAN (Founder of the Exeter Hall Oratorios).

U lustrated by Brandard. Price 2s. 6d. Published this day by Bookey & The Subscription to the Society is One, Two, or Three Guineas per annum. Sub Sons, 28, Holles-street. scribers to the Reserved Seats will receive Four Tickets to this Concert. Single Tickets, Area, One Shilling; Western Gallery, 2.; Reserved Seats in the Area, Rows, 38.; Central Area Reserved Seats, with cushions, 5s, To be had, by early THE MALAKOFF GALOP by Henri Laurent. Illusapplication, at the principal Music-sellers, and at the Office of the Society, No. 9, trated. Price 28. 6d. Boosey & Sons, 28, Holles-street. Exeter Hall, where may be obtained a complete Copy of the “Messiah" for 3s. 6d.; Creation," 2s, 6d.-Surman's Edition.


Conductor, Mr. Costa FRIDAY NEXT, HANDEL'S MESSIAH. The orchestra, the most extensive in Exeter-hall, will consist of (including 16 double basses) nearly 700 performers. Gallery Reserved Tickets, 58.; Have much pleasure in calling the attentiou of the admirers of Mendelssohn to Central Area, numbered seats, 10s. 6d. each ; at the Society's office, 6. in

their Exeter-hall. This performance will be repeated on Friday, 21st December. COMPLETE EDITIONS of his MUSICAL COMPOSITIONS, 38. and 5s. Area Tickets, as well as those for the other parts of the Hall, are now issued. The subscription is One, Two, or Three Guineas. Subscribers now

Beautifully bound, with gilt edges and Portrait, entering receive Double Tickets for this performance. Mr. Macfarren's Aualysis of the Messiah and Creation, with book of words, may be had at 6d. each, or will be

As being suitable for the above occasions, and at the following low scale of sent on receipt of 12 postage stamps, Country societies will be supplied at a

prices : reduction of 25 per cent. by taking 100 copies,

PIANOFORTE SOLO, comprising all his Concertos, Sonatas, Capriccios,

Preludes, and Fugues, Fantasias, Rondos, 42 Lieder-ohne-Worte, &c., CT. MARTIN'S-HALL.HANDEL'S MESSIAH will 75 SONGS, in one vol., English and German Words ..

in 4 vols. ..

.. .. .. 1 8 W will be performed on Wednesday, Dec. 19, under the direction of Mr. John | 26 QUARTETTS, for soprano, alto, tenor, and bass, in ouo vol. .. .. 1 1 0 Hullah. Principal vocalists-- Madame Clara Novello, Miss Julia Blewen, Miss

42 LIEDER-OHNE-WORTE (7 books) in one vol. Palmer, Mr. Lockey, Mr. Thomas. Tickets ls. and 28. Od., stalls 58., may be had

| 13 TWO-PART SONGS, in stiff covers aud gilt edges of the music-sellers, and at St. Martin's hall. Commence at balf-past seven o'clock.


Rockets, Area, Onserved Seats will one, Two, or Threwall Oratorios).


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