Either, 189. Handel Triennial Festival, 161,

446. Harp Music, 252. Harp Recitals

(Aptommas), 446. Haydn's Quartets and

symphonies, 519. Her Majesty's Theatre

(Oxonian), 92. Ditto (A Stranger), 550.

Henley, the Rev. Proeian (R. Andrews), 587.

Illuilrated Sporting /.i/eand Music Hall, 219.

International award of prizes, 430. "Israel

in Egypt" (J. Sin-man), 446. Leeds great

organ (Ledger), 92. Letter to a musical

agent, 188. Lello not Lello, 347. Lort-

zing's Die Eolandtknappen, MI, Lucy not

Lucinda, 519. Manuscripts and publishers,

602. Mendelssohn, a letter from, to J. A.

Novello, 252. Merest, Mrs., 471, 493.

Monday Popular Concerts, 714. Meyerbeer's

Age, 327. Meyerbeer and the Crystal

Palace, 458. Mozart's Clarionet Quintet,

C33. Mozart's Twelfth Mass, 683. Music

in the month of May, 492. Music in Eng-

land (John Bull), 650. Musical Exchange

Club, 618. More grumblings, 717. National

Choral Society, 35. National English Opera,

27. Neglected composers (F. Penna), 130.

National Philanthropic Association of Italian

Ladies, 441. No principals (Lucia Fnsbroke),

811. Olympic Theatre and the "Warden

of Galway" (W. Snell), 493. Our National

Opera, 587, 602. Opera or Pantomime, 27.
Opera at Vienna (A. A. A.), 442. Orchestral
balance of power, 661, 667, 683,718. Organ
at the Crystal Palace, 619. Organ pro-
grammes, 670. Organ at Doncaster, 635.
Palman qui meruit ferat (C. G. Stephens),
459. Patti, Mdtle., 667. Pianoforte playing
at the Exhibition, 308. Point d'argcnt,
point de piano, 602. Prize quartets, 462,
474,765. Royal English Opera (Robin Hood),
618. Sehubler's method of tuning, 471.
Schumanism (W. V. Barry) 261. Sensation
dramas, 203. Sisters Milanollo, 77, 189.
Stage chorus singing, 519. Standard pitch,
667. Student of Padua and author, 765.
Sullivan, A. S., 237. Summer (James Lea),
375. Thalberg, M., 330. Thirlwall, Miss,
102. Time {Spectator), 234. Titiens, Mdlle.,
2, 633. Trovatorc, II (J. H. Tully), 205.
Verdi and the Exhibition, 330. Vinning,
Mdme., and Mr Seymour's Concert, 326.
Wesley's, Dr., Funeral Anthem (J. L.
Fowle), 124. Wilson, Miss Lizzie, 470.
Zucchini (Signor), 375.
Cornelius, Herr (grand festival in honor of, at

Dusseldorff), 613

Cornhill Magazine, 247

Costa, Mr., and Her Majesty's Commissioners,


Cotter's, Rev. E., Lecture on the Lyrachord, 91

Criticism rightly understood, 631

Cnivelli, Sophie, at Nice, 86

Cruvelli, Marie, 249

Crystal Palace, 474, 539, 556

Crystal Palace and the Chatham and Dover

Railway, 236

Crystal Palace Flower Show, MI

Crystal Palace Handel Festival Orchestra, 343

Crystal Palace, Mr. Baring's Fete, 391

Crystal Palace, Dramatic College Fete, 459

D'ABtorgua, Emanuel, 653

David, telieien, and Garibaldi, 630

Depret, M., 121

Dickens', Mr. Charles, Readings, 267
Dobson, Miss, at Turin, 282
Dramatic College Fete, 469. 637
Dramatic, Equestrian, and Musical Association,

Dublin Antient Concert Society, 820
Dussek'a riui Ultra, 218, 219, 247

Elberfeld Gesang-Verein, fifteenth anniver-

sary, 53, 68

Effects of music on the mind diseased, 327

English Opera Association, 570, 778

English Opera Companies (Literary Budget),


Enterprising Impressario, the, 311

Ernst, Herr, 410

Exeter Hall Discomfort, 348

Exhibition Opening, the, 267

Falconer's, Mr., Bankruptcy, 701

Festival of the Sons of the Clergy, 324

FStis, M., 299

Foreigx :—

America, 509, 748, 766. Amsterdam, 2.

Australia, 663. Bad-Ems, 648, Bamberg,

99. Berlin, 38, 660, 663. Boston (America),

70, 499, 615,653. Bremen, 165. Breslau, 24,

124. Brunswick, 630. Brussells, M. Carls-

ruhe,630. Cassel, 21, 38. Coburg, 99, 603.

Colonge, 12, 77,166,214, 663,711,805. Co-

penhagen, 355,519. Darmstadt,23,85. Dres-

den, 38, 99, 214, 572, 663. Ems, 446, 468.

Erfurt, 124. Florence, M. Geneva, 89. Gotha,

124. Hamburg, 115, 236, 447. Hanover,

99, 124. Havannah, the, MO. Heiligen-

stadt, 506. Karlsruhe, 471, 743. Leipsic,

38, 51,92,124,364,570, 651, 749. Lemberg,

23, 38. Madrid, 471. Mannheim, 743.

Malta, 155. Mayence, 103, 653,747. Meini-
gen, M. Milan, 52, 139. Milheim-am-
Rhein, 603. Munich, 19, 38, 85, 99, 446.
Naples, 775. Neustadt - Eberswalde, 484.
Nice, 87. Olmutz, 109. Paris, 891, 506,
618, 634, 698, 711, 779. Pesth, 92, 446.
Potsdam, 355. Prague, 88, 124. Regens-
burg, 99. Riga, 214. Rome, 38. Schwerin,
38, 130. Spa, 446. St. Petersburg, 2, M,
M, Stockholm, 355. Stutgardt, 359, 485,
503, 663. Turin, 506. Venezuela, 807.
Vienna, 855, 468, 525, 540, 549, 630. Wei-
mar, 500. Wiesbaden, 99, 181. Wursburg,
647. Zittau, 38.
French Opera Revivals {Athenceum), 765

Gabriel's, Miss Virginia, Anthem, 894

Galitzin, Prince George, 459

Ganz, the Brothers, 555

Gilbert, Dr. Bennett, and Miss Parry, 124

Gloucester Musical Festival, 579, 595, 610,631

Glover's, Howard, operetta of "Once too often,"

at the Crystal Palace, &c, 106, 130
Gluck in Paris (Revue et Gazette Musicale), 4
Gluck, Death of, 203

Goddard, Madame Arabella, 186, 202, 506

Goddard, Joseph, Lecture upon Music, 71

Goldschmidt's, Madame, New Music Hall, 210

Goldsclimidt's Charity Oratorios at Exeter

Hall, 411

Gnmeison, Testimonial to Mr. C. L., 615, 791,

Guerabella, Madame, 622

Guildhall, Grand Civic Entertainment, 459

Handel, Addison, &e., and Atheists {Illustrated

Timei), 790

Handel (in 1718, 1728), 645, 668, 702

Handel, taking a turn at. 395

Handel Festival, 187, 361, 380, 391. 420, 423,


Hanover Square Rooms (The Builder), 71
Harp Music, 205

Haydn, Joseph, Twenty-six Letters of, 103,

Heller, Stephen, 186, 249
Her Majesty's Theatre, 138
Herold, Madame, Death of, 71
Herz, Henri, 299
Highbury Barn, 380

Hitler's, Ferdinand, Die Katahomlen, 212

International Exhibition and the GAogn*

Gazette, 442

Important to Musicians, 606

Joachim, 555

Jullien, M. Louis, 121,154

Kellog, Mdlle., 218

Kennedy's, Mr., Entertainment, 622 819,

Knowles, James Sheridan, Death of, 781

Kuffcrath, J. H., 438

Land's, Mr., Tour, 606

Lander, Walter Savage, C70

Leading Articles :—

A German in London, and the Great Masters,

&c, 537. Alboni, Madame, 600. Amateur

Musical Societies, 777. Balfe's Bohemian

Girl in France, 138. Balfe's Puritan's

Daughter, 649. Bach's 48 preludes and

fugues, 793. Bach Society, 813. Bach

(John Sebastian), 760. Bach's Suites for

orchestra at Berlin, 41. Bach's Violin

Sonatas, 694. Bach's Grout Paitiom Sluiik,

265, 344, 360. Beethoven's Sonatas, 669.

Beethoven's Troii-Stylei, and Herr Lenz,

505. Beethoven, 89,105,201. Beethoven's

Egmont, 489. Beethoven's Posthumous

Quartets, 185. Beethoven Relics, 378.

Bennett's, Professor W. S., Ode, &c, 264.

Bennett-Costa misunderstanding (English
Musician), 298. Berlioz Symphonies at
Vienna, 601. Boucicault, Mr., and the
Theatres, 729. Bradshaw, Mrs. (Miss M.
Tree), 120. Boucicault (Mr. Dion), 697.
"Boucicault (Dion) vertui Delafield," 822.
Che'ri, Rose, 9. Cherubini, 329. Chipp,
Dr. Edmund, 681. Cholctt, Monsieur,
121, Conductors, 745. Copyright between
France and Italy, 649. Crystal Palace
and the Music Halls, 72. Crystal Palace
and the Handel Orchestra, * 88. Dar-
boville the Singer, Mo. Dobson, Mica
Sarah, 632. Eneores"(J. V. B.), 360. Eng-
lish Opera and the National Exhibition of
1862, 185. English Singers at the Italian
Operas, 265, 424. English Opera Associa-
tion, 893, 584. Fallacies about Music, <fec,
233. French and English Opera Audiences,
281. Fugues {ATetie Berliner Mutik-Zeitung),
809. Gluck, Catalogue of his Works, 586.
Gluck's Orpheui at Berlin, 696. Gruneison,
Testimonial to Mr., 505. Halew, death of,
185. Handel's Rinaldo, 729." Handel's
original MSS. (A. M. T.), 218. Handel
Triennial Festival, 297, 392, 409. Handel's

Deborah, 558. Heller, Stephen, pianist and

composer, 821. Her Majesty's Theatre, 25,

216, 504. International Exhibition, the,

280. Italian, Musical and Theatrical Jour-
nals, 73. Knowles, Mr. Sheridan. Death of,
777. Lancashire Fund Concerts, 808. Let
us take a lesson '{Dwiyht), 536. Literary
Budget, the, 600. 'Lower Rhine 39th Musi-
cal Festival, 440, 473. Lulli, Jean Baptiste
(Dwight), 616. Managers of the Theatres

and the Press, 632. Marsehner Heinrich,

88, 105. Marx and Beethoven's op. 106,

Sonata, 436. Mayer, Charles, Death of, 473.

Mendelssohn's Posthumous Works, 664.

Monday Popular Concerts, 330, 488, 665,

681. Mozart's Sonatas, Edited by Charles
Halle, 329. Mozart's Thematic Catalogue
of his Works, 585. Mozart, an original
Letter to his Wife, 41. Mozart, Quintet in
A Major, 219. Mozart Institution at Frank-
fort on the Maine, 653. Mozart, Sixth
Violin Quartet, 712. Music at the opening
of the Exhibition, 248. Music Halls, 186,
568, 617. Musical Season, The, 187, 152,
312. Musical Season in America {Dwighf),

745. Mutual Presentation Plate Society,

M. Neidhart, Augustus, Death of, 313.

Nestroy, Joseph, Death of, 410. Operas,

The two Italian, 168. Opera Plots. 713.

Oratorio Singing, 792. Paine, Mr. J. K.,

Organ Programme, 553. Paris Cirque and

Paris Theatre Lyrique, The, 520. Pitch,

Change of, or. Pyne and Harrison's Pro-

spectus, 620. Pyne, Miss Louisa, and the

Royal Italian Opera, 248. Retrogadc Fugue,

425. Royal Academy of Music, 457. Royal

English Opera, Inauguration of the Seventh

Season,552. Royal Italian Opera Prospectus,

200, 232. Royal Italian Opera and Or/eo,

488. Royal Society of Musicians and Mad.

Ooldschmidt, 473. Sacred Harmonic So-

ciety, 104. Salaries of German Artists, 681.

Schubert's unknown Violin Quartet, 169.

Society of British Musicians, 409. Spohr's

Concerto in D Minor, 552. Steibeh, 67.

Telle, F. W., Death of, 360. Thalberg, M.,

376. They manage these things better in

France, 40. Theatre Ander Wien, 538.

Three Italian Operas in London, 8. Tree,

Miss M. (Mrs. Bradshaw), Death of, 120.

Triennial Musical Festival in Yorkshire, 136.

Verdi's Cantata for the Exhibition, 297.
Vocal Association of Nuremberg, 377. Vol-
unteer's Concerts, 57. Wagner's Tristan
and Isolde at Vienna, 9. Wagner's Lohengrin,
393. Wagner, Madame Johanna, 201.
Wagner and Lulli, 521. Wandering Min-
strels, 777

Ledger, Mr. Frederic, Testimonial to, 714

Lemon, Mr. Mark, About London, 86, 154

Liebhart, Mdlle., 391

Lincoln's, Mr. Henry, Lectures, 170, 187

Lipinski, Charles, 74

London Rehearsals or No Rehearsals, 555

Lower Rhine Thirtv-ninth Festival, 361, 435,


Madame De Vaucherari's Concert, 823

Mangold, Miss Alice, 299

Marchisio, the Sisters, 4

Mario, 653. 659, 763

Mario and Patti, 795

Mathews's, Mr. and Mrs., Entertainment, 327
Mendelssohn's Songs without Words. Dwight,

Mendelssohn's Elijah, 169

Mendelssohn's Gondola Songs, 485

Mendelssohn's Letters, 550

Mendelssohn (Op. 35), 550

Mendelssohn, a Letter from. 663, 699, 709,

741, 804

Mendelssohn's Variations in B flat, 803

Mental History of Poetrv (Joseph Goddard),

69, 87. 101, 116, 181, 180, 214, 247 , 295.

429, 462, 483

Mercadante, 425

Metropolitan Police Band, Concert in aid of

the Lancashire Relief Fund, 819

Meyerbeer, 234, 266, 330, 361, 458, 550

Miltary Band Masters and Concert Pitch, 589

Military Music in Boston (Dwight), 612

Molique's Abraham at Stutgardt, 263, 291

Monday Popular Concerts Reviews, 229, 250

Mozart's Cost Fan Tuttc at the Italienes, Paris,


Mozart, 132, 205, 535. 661, 603

Morning Chronicle, Death of, 161

Music and Dancing Licenses, 647, 669

Music at Amsterdam. 437

Music at Berlin, 21, 37, 84, 115, 148, 228, 244,

307, 355, 419, 451, 515, 517, 563, 597, 636,

708, 789

Music at Brussels, 163, 437

Music at Casscl, 291

Music at Coburg, 646

Music at Dresden, 549

Music at International Exhibition, 276, 282,


Music in Italy, 395

Music in London (a German view of it), 612

Music at Manchester, 10

Music at Mayence, 589

Music in the Metropolis fifty years ago, 685

Musiejat Milan, 163

Music at Munster, 109

Music in May in London, 492, 627

Music in North Germany, 614

Music in Paris, 3, 36, 84, 100, 197, 515, 556,

563, 647, 684, 733, 758, 762

Music at St. Petersburg,'635

Music at Reigate, 678

Music at Strasburg, 277

Music at Vienna, 260, 436, 618

Music at Wiesbaden, 516

Music without Noise (Punch), 23

Musical Society of London, 733

Music Halls, 503, 535

Musical Biographies, 675

Musical Instruments at the Exhibition, MI
Musical Society of London, 76
Musical Festivals, 603
Myers, M. S., Scotch Entertainment, 789

Negro Songs, 780

Neuralgia, Cure for, by Dr. O'Connor, 139
New Theatres in London (D. Boucicault), 805
Niccoli De'Lapi (Saturday Review), 606
Noorden. Miss Van, 166
Norma, Titiens', 614

Opera at Vienna, Statistical Returns, 453
Opera Season, The (Illustrated Times)
Opera (Dwight), 644
Orchestral Pitch (Brussells paper), 780
Organ at St. Mark's, Myddleton Square, 27
Organ, Town Hall, Greenock, 167
Organ at the Priory Church, Malvern, 315
Organ at St. Paul's, Covent Garden, 501
Organ at All Saints', 653
Organ for Ambley Church, Leeds, 653
Organ at St. Matthew's, Friday Street, 823
Organist's Rights and Dr. Twisg of Tnnbridge,

Overture to Don Giovanni, 701

Paganini's Ghost, 365

Paris, The Conservatoire Concerts, 138

Pavment of French Singers, 695

Patti, Mdlle. Adelina, 541, 602, 638, 670, 698,


Patti, Mdlle. Adelina, in Paris, 746, 762, 778,


Patti, Mdlle. Adelina, at Berlin, 27

Patti, Mdlle. Adelina, at Brussels, 85,119, 131,

532, 6 IS

Patti, Mdlle. Adelina, as Lucia, 373

Patti, Mdlle. Adelina, at Manchester, 570

Penna's, Mr. Frederick, Entertainment, Golf

Perry, The late Mr. George, 362

Philosophy of Music (Literary Budget), 629

Pianofortes at the Exhibition, 554

Penco, Madam, 670

Pitman's, Mr. Josi'phL Lectures on the Opera.

219 ' ""

Pianofortes at the 1862 Exhibition, 773

Piano Accompanists ((). Commettant), 781


A revived poet, 300. Broken heart, The, 519.
Coming towards home, (W. Brock), 161.
Fisherman's Boat, The, 662. Embroglio at
the Philharmonic, Punch, 265. Gaze in my
eyes (E W. Fletcher), 612. Lines for
music (C. K. D. P.), 364. Stanzas for music,
268, 683. Songs for music, 525. St.
Valentine Wins. (E. W. Fletcher), 615. To
M. W. Balfe, (Clopee). Sunny hours, (E.
W. Fletcher), 764. The lover's lake, 301.
To Adelina Patti, 779

Poetrv by a musician, (Punch), 347

Polytechnic Institution, 327

Praag, Mr. Van, 121

Provincial :—

Aberdeen, 156. America, 654. Arundel, W.

Basingstoke, M. Bath, 123, 299, 733.

Belfast, 76, 199, 326, 534, 654, 685. Birken-

head, 266, 812. Birmingham, 54, 75, 199,

279. Bradford, 653. Brentford, 2. Brighton,

76, 300, 622, 647 , 694, 757 , 788. Bristol,

300. Bury, 701. Cambridge, 253. Can-

terbury, 3<X). Carmarthen, 539. Chelten-

ham, 262, 733. Colchester, 300. Cork, M.

Croydon, 698. Devonport, Dublin, 123,

188, 263, 679, 779. Durham, 139, 645.

Edinburgh, 166, 188, 758. Glasgow, 758.

Gosport. Greenock, 123. Greenwich,

812. Halifax, 743. Hartley Colliery Fund,

156. Hclston, 629. Hereford, 236. Ilklcy,

(Leeds), 682. Jersey, 605. Lands End,

Mr. Leeds, 75, 123, 347, 615, 711, 775,

Liverpool, 22 , 44, 55, 108, 139, 199, 557.

679, 718. 759. Louth, 807. Manchester,

11, 22, 44, 54, 76, 108, 123, 139, 156, 587,

617, 714. Meltham, 812. Newcastlo, 788.

Northampton, 743. Nottingham, 199. Pen-

zance, 315,731. Feterboro', 22. Portsmouth,

315. Preston, 55. Ramsgate, 788. Reigate,

167, 715, 759. Rochester, 262. Romford,

22. Ryde (Isle of Wight), 521. Southsea,

22. Swansea, 612, 651. Tollbridge, 763.

Torquay, 123. Truro, 731. Welsh Melo-

dies, 812. Winchester, 54. Windsor, 11,

759. Woolwich, 775, 811

Puritans and Players, Quarterly Review, 518

Rmoe, Miss Kate, 11

Reed, Mr. and Mrs. German, Entertainment,
74, 701.

Reviews :—

Abbott, W., 19. Adlington, W., 695.
Adrian, 99. Althaus, B., 179. Ascher, J.,
M. Atkinson, F. C, 211. Bach, 694.
Badarzewska, 19, 211. Bannister, II. C,
211. Barnett, J. F., 51. Barry, William
Vipond, 211, 227. Bartholomew, Mrs.
Mounsey. 179, 707. Beaumont, J. C, 99.
Beddoc," Alfred, 99. Benedict, J., 179.
Bidge, Charles, M. Birch, W. H., 147.
Blumenthal, J., 727. Brock, W., 695.
Bridges, W., 228. Brown, F. H., 695.
Blockley, John, 695. Boosey's Pianoforte
Classics', 83. Boosey's Juvenile Pianoforte
Album, 228. Burlington Album, 727.
Chorlev, Henry F., 99. Cottam. Arthur,
727. Cramer, W. Oliver, 211. Creed, Mrs.
Henry, 147. Croal, George, 227. Crump,
Arthur. 99. Curwen, John, M. Dance,
Miss C. A., 659. Davison, J. W., 195.
Dussek's Plus Ultra, 195. Edge worth, R.
L., 227. Eschmann, J. C, 19. Falk,
V., 25. Favargcr, E. Aurcle, 211, 259.
Forbes, George, 211. Frobisher, J. H., 707.
Gabriel, Virginia, 19. Gade, Niels W.,
19. Gear, Handel, 727. Glascock, Miss, 659.
(Mover, Howard, 67. GoUmick, Adolph,
211. Goodban, W. H., 83, 211. Good-
eve, J. F. Erskine, 179. Gordigiani, 227.
Guernsey, W., 35. Hargitt, C. J., 83,
727. Hay, W. C, 99. Heller, Stephen,
51, 707. Hogarth, George, 147. Hope,
Owen, 211, 695. Comp Oscar, 727.
Kruger, W., 19. Kuhe, W., 51, 83. Kullak,
Theodore, Mo. Lazarre, Martin, 148. Leduc,
Alphonso, 259. Locke's Music for Macbeth,
67. Lott, E. M., 259. McKewan, Joseph,
659. McMurdie, 695. Norwood, Jasper
483. O'Kellv, J., 259. Old English Ditties
(Cliappell's Selection), 213. Powell, G. R.,
727. Pratten, R. S., 51. Rabies, Dr. Fer-
dinand, 211. Randegger, A., 61. Raymond,
J., 695,727. Richards, Brinley, 211. 'Smith,
Mrs. Cunningham, 659. Schmidt, Jules, li>.
Severn, T. H., 227. Sheluierdine, W., 179.
Six Chriamas Songs, 67. Spreuger, Jules,
211. St. Leger, EL, M. Summers, James
Lea, 83. Thorpe, Thomas, 99. Thurnam,
E., 179. Tod, Melville, 61. Tongue, James,
159. Turpin, E. JL,; 695. Vaucheran,
Madame De, 643. Wedey, S. S., 83. Wil-
son, John, 211. Woclfl's Ne Tltu Ultra,

Reed's, Mr. and Mrs. German, Entertainment,

Reserved Seats at Theatres, 213
Reid Concert at Edinburgh and the Students,


Richards, Brinley, 589

Richards, Brinley, at Tenby, 548

Richards, Brinley, on the Music of Wales, 567

Ristori, Madame, and M. Mires, 234

Roger, M., 639

Rossini, sum paid for II Barbiere, 179

Royal Academy of Music, "Westmoreland

Scholarship," 60, 823

Royal Academy of Music, Memorial to Mr.

Gladstone, 438

Russell, Mr. George, 124

Sacred Harmonic Society, Annual Meeting, 134
Sacred Harmonic Society and Handel Festivals,

Sangiovanni, Signor, 346
Saturday Review on Music, 700
Schira, Signor, Nicolo de I'Arpi, WI
Schubert's Musical Remains (A W. Thayer),

Scudo, M., 775

Singing for Soldiers (PuneA), 83

Singing Fish, 220

Sketches of Artistic Life, 625

Sketchley's, Mr., Entertainment, 538

Smith's, Mr. Seymour, Lecture on Music, 130

Society for the Encouragement of the Fine

Arts, 35, 55, 165, 827

Stuttaford, Madame, 327
Susini, Death of Isabella H., 519

Theatres :—

Adelphi.—Colleen Bawn, 412. Dublin Boy,

106. Life of an Actress, 149

Astley't.—Rajah of Nagpore, 188

Drury Lane.—Benedict's Benefit, 236. Beni-

zoug-zougs, The, 509. Colleen Bawn, 412.

Hamlet, 134. Lily of Killarnoy, 236. Mer-

chant of Venice, 149. Once too Often, 236.

Othello, 172. Smith, E. T., Benefit, 208

Her Majesty'i.—Barbiere, 323. Don Giovanni,

426. Don Pasquale, 426, 748. Huguenote,

339, 374, 639. Lucia, 809, 571, 633, 748.

Lucrezia Borgia, 292. Martha, 539, 555,

633. Norma, 460, 540. Nozze di Figaro,

475. Puritani, 309. Robert le Diable, 375,

387,407,539. Semiramide, 292,339. Tro-

vatore, 323, 366, 407, 633, Un Ballo in

Maschcra, 284. Verdi's, Signor, Cantata,

339, 639. Zingara, La, 508. Retrospection

of the Season, 570. Performance of The

Messiah, 820

Ilaymarkel.—The Wife's Portrait, 172. Our
American Cousin, 791

Marylebone.—Colleen Bawn, 236

New Royalty.— Catching a Husband, 327.

Marriage aux Lanternes, 74. Elliot Galer's

Opera troupe, 379. Mr. Mowbray's Benefit,


Olympia —A Fairy's Father, 135. Dowager,
the, 509. Fair" Rosamond, 407. Retained
for the Defence, 122. Warden of Galway,

Princess's.—The Angel of Midnight, 185.

Louis the Eleventh, 346. Corsicau Brothers,


Strand.—Orange Blossoms, 122. Othello, 149

Royal English Opera (Covent Garden).—Bohe-

mian Girl, 677, 778, Court and Cottage,

198. Crown Diamonds, 589, 633. Dinorah,

197, 555. Domino Noir, 765. Fra Diavolo,

633, 677, 765. Lily of Killarney, 107, 117,

138, 164, 555, 672. Love's Triumph, 716,

742, 765, 778. Last night of the Season,

187. Lurline, 589. Maritana, 572, 677.

Puritan's Daughter, 74, 677. Rose of


SUBSCRIPTION - Stamped for Postage--20s. PER ANNUM
Payable in advance by Cash or Post-Office Order to BOOSEY & SONS, 28 Holles Street, Cavendish Square, London, W.

[ocr errors][merged small][ocr errors]

commences on MONDAY, the 13th of January, 1862.

U on the 3rd February, after fulfi ling professional Engagements in Scotland and
Candidates for Admission mist attend at the Institution for Examination by the France.
Board of Professors, on Saturday Afternoon, the Ilth January, at 2 o'clock.

Letters addressed to 38 Welbeck Street will be duly forwarded.
By Order of the Committee of Management,

J. GIMSON, Secretary.
Roral Acaderny of Music, Tenterden Street,

MAL. NITA NORRIE will RETURN from her Pro-

Hanover Square, December 30th, 1861.

vincial TOUR about the middle of this Month.

All Communications respecuing Elig gements for Oratorios, Concerts, &c., to be

addres. e. to Mr. Norre, No. 8 Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill, W.



SCHOLARSHIP for VOCALISTS, called the “ West-

LL their first appearance on the English Stase, at DRURY LANE THEATRE.

in conjunction with MISS EMMA HEYW001) and MLLE. JENNY BAUR, ON

morland Scholarship" (in compliment to the late Earl of Westmorland, the Thursday, January 16th, when will be produced an entirely new and original Comic

founder of the Royal Academy of Music), has been established by Subscription, the Operetta, composed expressly for the occasion, by Mr. HOWARD GLOVER, to be en-

first Competition for which will take place on SATURDAY, 18th January, 1862, at the titled " ONCE TOO OFTEN."


To be followed every evening by the New Grand Pantomime

It is open to Female Candidates between the ages of Eighteen and Twenty-four


The amount of the Scholarship is 'Ten Pounds, which will be appropriated towards HERR FORMES will Sing “IN SHELTERED

the cost of a year's instruction in the Academy.

VALE," at Mr. HOWARD Glover's Grand Concert, St. James's Hall, on Satur-

Candidates' names, accompanied by the recommendation of a Subscriber to the

day next.

Academy, will be received by the Secretary up to the 17th January, 1862. Certificate

of Birth must be forwarded.

By Order of the Committee of Management,

DR. BENNETT GILBERT begs to inform his Friends

J. GIMSON, Secretary.

Punile he will RETURN from the Continent on the 20th of January

Royal Academy of Music. 4 Tenterden Street,

Hanover Square, December 31st, 1861.

Address, Messrs. R. Cocks and Co., New Burlington Street, W., or HERON F. KIST-

NER, Musikhandlung, Leipzig.

Further Subscriptions towards the Funds of this Scholarship will be applied to the

Increase of its annual value.

MISS CAROLINE PARRY (Sohrann) bego w apnounce

Mr. Cipriani Potter, late Principal or the Institution, Hou. Treasurer, and Dr. W.

sne will RETURN to Town on the 28th of January.

Sierndale Bennett, Hon. Secretary.

All Communications respecting Engagements for Oratorio or Concerts may be ad.

Subscriptions may be paid to account of the Treasurer, at the Union Bank, Argyll dressed. A. H. PAYNE, Esq., 2 Georgien-Strasse, Leipzig, or 42 Woburn Place, Russell

Place, Regent Street, London ; or will be received by the Members of the Board of Square. W..

Professors, viz. Messrs. Lucas, Goss, Blagrove, Macfarren, and W. Macfarren.

M ISS ROSE HERSEE will sing H. Hersee's new Song,


M . “A day too late,” at the City Hall Concerts, Glasgow, January 11 ; at the
CONCERTS.- Conductor, DR. WYLDE.The Subscribers are respectfully | Volunteer Artillery Concert, Town Hall, Newcastle, January 15; Literary Institute,

informed that the Eleventh Season of the Concerts will commence on April next. The Godalming, January 28.

dates will be sbortly announced. The following Solo Artists have been engaged at For Engagements, en route, address Miss Rose Hersee, 2 Church Terrace, Cam.
these Concerts, many of whom, with others who will arrive in London, will take part in berwell, s.
the ensuing performances :-Mesdames Titiens, Borghi-Mamo, Leminens-Sherrington),
Parera ana Louisa Pyne: Signori Giuglini, Belart, Belletti and Herr Formes, &c.;
Pianists- Mesdames Arabelle Goddard, Schumann, Pleyel and Clauss ; Messrs. J. F. MADAME LAURA BAXTER will Sing “ THE
Barneit, Lubeck, Rubenstein and C. Hallé Violinists-Herr Joachim, Vieuxtemps, MI FAIRY'S WHISPER," composed expressly for her by HENRY Šmarr, at Mr.
Wi-muawski, Henry Blagrove, Becker. Violoncellist- Piatti.

HOWARD GLOVER': Grand Concert, St. James's Hall, on Saturday next.
The Subscription is for five Grand Concerts, and five Grand Public Rehearsals on

the preceding Saturday Afternoon.

Termos for a Resered Sofa-Stall (transferable), Two Guineas; other Reserved Seats, M R. H. C. COOPER (Violinist) begs to announce that

One Giusea and a Half. Professional Subscribers, One Guinea.

he has RETURNED to London, and is prepared to accept Engagements.

Subscribers of Last Season, who do not require their former Stalls reserved for

Address 22 Salisbury Street, Strand, W.C.

them, are requested to give notice to the Hou. Secretary, to whom application for

Resersed Stalls can be made; or to Messrs. Cramer and Co., 201 Regent Street,

Mesirs. Keith, Prouse and Co., 48 Cheapside ; Mr. Austin, Ticket Office, St. James's MISS ANNIE MILNER (Prima Donna), having RE-


11 TURNED from a Four Years' Tour in the United States, will be happy to

W. GRAEFF NICHOLLS, Hon. Sec., 33 Argyle Street, W.

accept Eugagements for Oratorio Concerts or Opera.

Address, 22 Southampton Street, Bloomsbury Square, W.C.


I Mr. LAND'S GRAND MORNING CONCERT, TO.DAY at 2, when the cele TR. GEORGE PERREN will Sing Ascher's new
brated SISTERS MARCHIS!O will make their Second Appearance in this country, assisted

Song, " ALICE, WHERE ART THOU?" at Mr. HOWARD Glover's Grand

Concert, St. James's Hall, on Saturday next.
Mr. A. L. TAMPLIN, Harmonium, and other eminent Artists.

Reserved and numbered seats, 5s.; balcony, 38.; sofa stalls, 10s. 60.; area, 28.;
gallery. Is.

R. VIOTTI COOPER, “ Tenor,” will sing at Miss
Tickets to be had at Austin's ticket-office, 28 Piccadilly ; at Cramer, Beale and

Eleanor Armstrony's Concert, Westbourne Hall, Thursday Evening
Wood's, 201 Regent Street ; and at the principal Music and Booksellers.

Japuary 9th.



DI ING CONCERT, at Westbourne Hall, Westbourne Grove, on THURSDAY,

to announce that the FOURTH of a SERIES of SIX SOIREES MUSICALES.

January 9th, when she will be assisted by the following Artists.

for the practice of vocal concerted music, sacred and secular, will take place at her re-

Vocalists : Madame LOUISA VINNING, Miss Poole, Miss BRADSHAW and Miss LAS-

sidence, 50 Bedford Square. Aster Christmas Particulars will be duly announced.

CELLES ; Mr. JUAN MORGAN, Mr. VIOTTI Coopen and Mr. GADSBY. Instrumentalists:

Terms at Cramer's, Regent Street ; Leader's, Bond Street, and of Mrs. Andrews.

Miss CATHERINE THOMSON, Mr. RIALLMARK, and Herr Louis Ries. Conductors : Mr.


Tickets 7s.6d., as., 2 fid., and Is., to be had of Messrs. Cramer and Beale, Regrnt

Street; Messrs. Ollivier, Bond Street ; Messrs. Rolle and Son, Cheapside; and of Miss MR. HENRY LESLIE'S CHOIR, Hanover Square
Eleanor Armstrong, 36 Osuaburgh Street, Regent's Park,

- Rooms.-First Concert, January 8, 1862. Subscription, one guinea.

Addison, Hollier and Lucas, 210 Regent Street ; Cramer, Beale and Wood, 001
MR. JOHN MORGAN will sing Balfe's popular Song,

R gent Street: Austin's ticket office, St. James's Hall; Keith, Prowse and Co., 48
“Fresh as a Rose," at Westbourne Hall on WEDNESDAY next.





NACK for 1862. Just Published. Contents:- 365 Miniature Musical Bio-

graphies; the Addresses of Musical Professors, &c., throughout the Kingdom ; the

Musical Societies of London and the Provinces, with their List of Music Published in


Great Britain during 1861 : Advertisements of everything new and interesting in con-

nection with Music. Pricé Is. 6d., by Post 18. 8d.


Rudall, Rose, Carte and Co., 20 Charing Cross.

Will be Published on the 17th of January, by

DUNCAN DAVISON & Co., 244 Regent Street, W.'.

To the Editor of the Musical WORLD.

ALICE, WHERE ART THOU?" | MLLE. TITIENS presents her compliments to the Editor of the

66 A LICE, Where Art Thou?” Romance; sung by | MUSICAL WORLD, and, in reference to a paragraph that appeared

Signor Gardoni, and written by Wellington Guernsey. Music by J. Ascher.

“ Mr. Ascher, whose fame as a writer of pianoforte music is European, has proved

himself in. Alice, where art thou ?' as consummate an artist as a vocal writer as he is

foundation for the report of her being engaged at Drury Lane

renowned as a composer for the pianoforte. The melody is graceful, flowing, and cri. Theatre for the coming season.

ginal, full of the most original feeling and thought. It has been sung by Sims Reeves,

Gardoni, Mr. Tennant, Mr Perren, Mr. Tedder, Mr. Melchor Winter, and all the lead-

ing tenors of the day. Two editions of this romance have been printed--one in B flat

for ladies' voices, and the other in D flat for tenors. Altogether, we have seldom met

with a composition embodying all the elements of popularity in so great a degree as M.

TO M. W. BALFE, Esq.

Ascher's romance of Alice, who art thou?' and one that must, on its merits alone.

become the most popular song of the present day."-(Irish Times.)

How can I praise where all have praised ?

In the Press,

Why strive to gild a golden treasure ?

“ALICE," transcribed for the Pianoforte by J. ASCHER.

It needs no feeble word of mine




London : Duncan Davison and Co., 244 Regent Street, W.

To fill the already flowing measure-

In English homes -- in distant climes —

Just Published, Price 28. 6d.

Where hearts beat high, with love or duty-

"! THE ECHO SONG,” for Voice and Piano. Composed

Where nations mourn - or patriots arm,


His genius speaks, in strains of beauty!

London : Duncan Davison and Co., 244 Regent Street, W.

His teeming brain, like bright champagne,

Just Published, Price 4s.,


With sparkling fancies brimming over,


Will, like the wine, make others shine

This new fantasia was composed expressly for M. Ole Bull, Herr Formes, Mr. and

And many a latent gem discover.

Mrs. Tennant, and Miss Anna Whitty's provincial tour. It has been played by Mr.

With smiles that warm, and words that charm,

Emile Berger (as well as the transcription of Ferrari's popular serenade" Vieni,

Vieni") every where with the greatest success, and has invariably been encored.

He cheers, where trembling souls would falter,

“The introduction of the two popular melodies, 'Gentle Annie and Dixy's Land,'

And wins the love of many a heart

was a happy idea of Mr. Berger. The audience were delighted, and the applause was

so great that the talented pianist was obliged to return to the platform and repeat the

Time cannot change, or absence alter;

fantasia, to the great delight of the audience."-Sheffield Paper.

Fame adds fresh laurels to his brow

London : Duncan Davison and Co., 244 Regent Street, W.

Growing with every fresh endeavour,

TUST PUDLISUED), price 2s. 6d., « LETTY LORNE."

While hearts can feel the “Power of Love,

The name of “ Balfe” must live for ever!— CLOPÉE.

Ballad. Written by E. M. SWINN. Composed and Sung by UBUKE I'ERREN,

London: Duncan Davison and Co., 244 Regent Street, W.

66 OLD MOTHER HUBBARD” QUADRILLES-For ST. PETERSBURG.—(From a Correspondent.)-According to the terms

Juvenile Performers- Illustrated, 8vo, size, founded on airs in the New of his contract, Signor Verdi is bound to produce his new opera, La

Pantomime at DRURY Lane, composed and arranged by J. H. TULLY. Price 3s.

Lanborn Cock, Hutchings and Co. (late Leader and Cock), 62 & 63 New Bond Street.

| Forza del Destino, by the middle of January, at the latest. The libretto,

written by Piave, and founded on a Spanish drama, is said to be highly

66 UTILL O THE WISP.”-New Song sung in the interesting. The soprano parts are intended for Signore Lagrua and

V PANTOMIME, "The House that Jack Built,” at Drury Lane, com-

Fioretti; the tenor part for Tamberlik; the baritone and bass parts for

posed by J. H. TULLY. Price 28. 6d.

Graziani, Debassini and Marini. Verdi has composed, also, some ballet

Lanborn Cock, Hutchings and Co. (late Leader and Cock), 62 & 63 New Bond Street,

music,which, should circumstances require the adoption of such a course,

THE DEAD MARCH in SAUL. Arranged by W. H.

may be omitted without prejudice to the opera. Report speaks very

CALLCOTT as a Pianoforte or Organ Duet, 2s. Accompaniments for Flute,

favourably of this newest production of the prolific master's pen. Verdi

Violin, and Violoncello (ad lib.), 6d. each. Select Airs composed by his late Royal | himself says that he has made fewer concessions than is usual with him

Highness the Prince Consort, arranged by W. H. Callcott as Pianoforte Solos, 45.;

to suit the taste of the general public, but that, in this instance, he has

and Duets, 6s., with ad lib. accompaniinents for Flute, Violin, and Violoncello, 1s.

each. Also Selections from his late Royal Highness's Vocal Works.

written a work which can bear the strictest criticism.

C. Lonsdale, Musical Circulating Library, 26 Old Bond Street.

AMSTERDAM.-C. A. Bertelsmann, founder of the Liedertafel, “ Eu-

MER. DAVID LAMBERT (Bass Vocalist) will Sing at / tonia,” which he directed for many years, died here on the 20th ult.

the “ Musical Society of Bayswater" Haydn's CREATION, January 6th. He was born at Soest, in Westphalia, but selected Amsterdam as the

Patrons-Professor S. Bennett, Cipriani Potter, Esq., Sir F. Halliday, General Wil-

louyhhy, &c. Uxbridge 15; Bury (Suffolk), CREATION, 17th ; and Barnard Castle,

field of his professional exertions. He was not only distinguished as an

31st, &c.

excellent conductor, but as a scientific musician, His compositions were

Communications for Engagements to be addressed 15 Adelaide Square, Windsor,


greatly admired, especially his part-songs

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