HERR JOACHIM has gone to Hanover, by command of the the gentleman introducing Himmel's “Yarico to her lover," and an air King, to preside over one of the Court Concerts, and will

by Sig. Pinsuti, in both of which his agreeable voice and artistic

style told with effect. return to London at the end of the week,

HERR OBERTHÜR'S MORNING Concert, on Thursday last, attracted MRS. MEREST (so well known as Miss Maria B. Hawes) has an.

a large and fashionable audience to the Hanover Square Rooms. As a nounced that the third and last of her soirées will take place next Fri

harp player, Herr Oberthür enjoys a high reputation, while his com day. The success of the previous series has been so great that no

positions for the instrument are both numerous and interesting. Of doubt Mrs. Merest will shortly announce a second.

these a concertino in G (given for the first time) and grand trio in F · CRYSTAL PALACE.—The great Flower Show of the season will

minor were the most striking, the concert giver enlisting the co-operabe held on Saturday next. From the pumber of entries already tion of Herr Jansa and M. Paque in the latter piece, joining Mr. received it promises to be the most complete exhibition of flowers Lazarus in a duet, and also giving another solo, “La Cascade,” all of which has yet been held at Sydenham. Taking place on the which, it need hardly be observed, were received with considerable Queen's birthday, a day which this year unhappily will be favour. M. Paque's violoncello solo must not be passed over without unattended with the usual military displays, drawing-room, or a word of praise for its skilful execution; while the vocal contributions other rejoicings, a large number of distinguished and official of Misses Stabbach, Steele, Fisher, and Billing, together with Sig, personages will have leisure to attend this one of the most attrac

Ciaballa, formed an agreeable variety. Sig. Regondi was prevented tive displays of the season. Additional interest is excited from

from appearing by a sprained wrist. The accompanyists were Messrs. the announcement that the great roof over the Handel Orchestra,

Aguilar, G. Lake, and W. Carter. so many months in preparation for the Festival in June next, will

MR. HENRY LESLIE'S CHOIR. - The fifth concert was given on be completed. Meyerbeer's International Overture and Coro

Wednesday evening. The selection was admirable, the madrigals and nation March, the “ Wedding March,” from Mendelssohn's Athalie,

part songs predominating, as they should do, the subscribers and the

general public attaching great importance to their performance by Mr. Prayer from Moise, and other pieces, will be performed by the

Leslie's choir. The madrigals were, Thomas Morley's " What saith my orchestral band of the Company, considerably strengthened and dainty darling?” John Benet's “ Flow, O my tears," John Wilbye's aided by military bands, and will afford an opportunity for estimat- | · Flora gave me fairest flowers," and T. A. Walmisley's “ Sweet flow'rs.” ing the effect to be produced by the 4,000 performers in training The part songs were Pearsall's “Oh! who will o'er the downs so free?" for the Festival. The seats in the Great Orchestra will be thrown (encored), Mr. Walter Macfarren's “ Love's Heigho!” (encored), and open; and as it is intended to erect in the Grand Transept large Mendelssohn's “ The deep repose of night.” The larger pieces for the circular trophies of flowers of considerable height, visitors will be choir were Mendelssohn's setting of the 43rd Psalm, “ Judge me, O enabled to contemplate the blaze of floral beauty dispersed below, | Lord," Meyerbeer's “ Pater Noster," and M. Gounod's Motet for while listening to the musical performances. The show will be

double choir. Mendelssohn's Psalm was repeated by universal desire. open from 12 o'clock till 7 o'clock.

The choir sang splendidly indeed, we never heard them in greater force; and Mr. Leslie might have accepted several more encores. Miss

Fisher and Miss Grace Barrow sang a duet by Gordigiani, and Miss Concerts.

Annie Walker and Miss Julia Elton, Mendelssohn's " Autumn song." From the pen of Mr. Henry Leslie we had one piece only, his “Song of the flax spinner,” which was so good and went so well that the audi

ence would fain have heard it a second time ; but the director was inROYAL SOCIETY OF FEMALE MUSICIANS.-A concert was given in exorable. Mr. Charles Hallé performed Beethoven's Sonata in A flat aid of the above Society, on Thursday evening, at the Hanover Square

(Op 25), and two picces by Stephen Heller, one of which, “ Tarantello Rooms, under the patronage of the Queen and the Duchess of Cam. in A flat," was redemanded and repeated. The concert, which was in bridge. The following artists assisted :- Misses Augusta Thomson,

every respect first-rate, was brought to a termination by Mr. Leslie's arAgnes Bury, Poole, Steele, Eliza Flughes, and Martin ; Mads. Guerra rangement of “ Rule Britannia” for the choir. bella and Sainton-Dolby; Messrs. Wilbye Cooper, Allan Irving, and | Willis's Rooms. - An amatcur concert, in aid of the funds for the Weiss, solo vocalists; and Mr. Charles Hallé, and Herr Davidoff the suffering families by the late accident at the Cethin colliery, was given new violoncellist, instrumentalists. The Orpheus Glce Union also at- in these rooms on the 7th inst. The patronage included H.R.H. the tended. The audience, composed mostly of the fair sex, were unusually Duchess of Cambridge and the Princess Mary Adelaide, together with chary of their applause, and three pieces only out of some five-and

a long list of nobility and families of distinction, from which, as may be "twenty seemed to hit their fancy. These were, Mrs. Mounsey Bartholo

supposed, the concert was looked forward to with great interest in mew's song, “ There be none of Beauty's daughters," sung by Miss Steele, musical circles, and drew a large audience. The direction was under with duet accompaniment performed by Messrs. Benedict and Francesco Mr. Frend, an amateur known in the musical world as having a tino Berger ; Grell's song, “ Speed the gallant bark,” by Miss Agnes Bury ; tenor voice, and possessing considerable musical ability. The proand Mr. Henry Smart's ballad, “ The lady of the Lea," by Mad. Sainton gramme included works of Mozart, Beethoven, Weber, Rossini, &c., Dolby-the last being loudly encored. The attendance was large and every piece being crcditably performed: among the solos, however, the fashionable.

most effective were Rossini's “ Carita," “ Non piu Mesta," and “ Cujus MR. LINDSAY SLOPER's First PerfORMANCE OF PIANOFORTE Music Animam” (Mr. Frend), from the Stabat Mater, Several part songs was given on Thursday evening at St. James's Hall. The solo pieces were well sung by Mr. Frend's “ Amateur Musical Union," and elicited played by Mr. Sloper were Weber's sonata in D minor, Op. 49; Alle warm applause. The band of the Royal Artillery attended by permis. mande and Garotte, by Sebastian Bach ; Passecuille, by Couperin ; sion of H.R.H, the Duke of Cambridge, and performed several selections, Scherzo in E minor, Op. 27, and Study in E major, Op. 11, by Sterndale We believe the funds have been considerably benefitted, and those Bennett; two “ Thoughts," by Mr. Arthur Sullivan; Valse Pastorale ladies and gentlemen who so kindly undertook the management have (A Daisy Chain"), and Toccata (“Joy bells"), of his own composition. | been satisfactorily rewarded for their trouble. In addition he performed, with M. Sainton, his own sonata in A major, MR. AGUILAR's Second “Reception " takes place this evening. On Op. 17, for violin and pianoforte, and, with M. Stephen Heller, a new the first occasion Mr. Aguilar's Rooms were crowded by a distinguished Tarantella in E minor, for two pianofortes, from the pen of that distin company. The vocalists who assisted were, Mad. Guerrabella, Miss guished composer. Mr. Sloper's own contributions naturally commanded Augusta Thomson, Miss Wilkinson, Miss Fanny Rowland, Herr Formes, most attention. The Sonata for pianoforte and violin, the work of and Sig. Ferrari, and the instrumentalists Mrs. Thomson (Miss Kate a thorough master, executed to perfection, was received with distinguished | Loder), Mad. Pratten, Herr Oberthür, Mr. Heine, Herr Cattermole, favour, and produced a marked impression. The Valse Pastorale, too, Herr Lidel, Mr. T. F. Barnett, and Herr Ganz was immensely liked, and so were the other pieces. The Tarantella for | MYUDELTON Hall. --Miss Grace Delafield gave her first concert at two pianofortes of M. Stephen Heller was heard with delight. Nothing the above Hall on the 24th inst. The artists who took part in the concould be more finished, or indeed more masterly, than the joint per cert were Miss Delafield, Mrs. Harriette Lee, and Mrs. Helen Percy; formance of Messrs. Lindsay Sloper and Stephen Heller in this ex Mr. Wilbye Cooper, Mr. Chaplin Henry, and Mr. Frank Murray, tremely effective morceau. We must leave our readers to surmise how vocalists ; Mr. George Lake (piano) and Herr Silberberg (violin). Mr 80 accomplished a pianist as Mr. Sloper gave Weber's brilliant and | Wilbye Cooper was encored in “ The long waves come and go," and in difficult sonata, Professor Bennett's piquant Scherzo, and his no less the duet “ Parigi o cara” with Miss Delafield. Mr. F. Murray sang charming Study. The vocal music was supplied by Miss Robertine two songs from the operetta Christine, Mrs. Lee “ I'm alone,” and Mrs. Henderson and Mr. Tennant, the lady singing the Prayer and Barcarole | Perey, Henry Smart's popular ballad the “ Lady of the Lea,” and “ My from the Etoile du Nord, and two airs by Schubert, in her best manner; fairy home."

conia Pastorale io son,"

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Rennett, mus: I was executie

PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY. - The Fifth Concert of the “ Jubilee" THE MUSICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON.-Fourth year took place on Monday evening, when the following was the pro 1 Season, 1862.- The FOURTH ORCHESTRAL CONCERT, at St. James's gramme:

Hall, on Wednesday Evening, June 11, at eight o'clock.

Conductor, Mr. ALFRED MELLON.
Sinfonia in E flat ...


Programme: Overture (Athalie), Mendelssohn; Air,“ Dies Bildness" (Die Zauber. Recit. and Aria, “Vedro, mentr'io sospiro," Figaro


flote), Mozart; Concerto in D, Violin, Beethoven; Air des Bijoux (Faust), Gounod: Concerto in B minor, Violoncello ...


Overture (Don Quixote), first time of performance in London, Silas ; Symphony in C Scena, " Ah qual furor," Fidelio


minor, No. 3, Op. 78, Spohr; Duo, " Rasserena o caro" (Guillaume Tell), Rossini ; Overture, Isles of Fingal


Overture (Oberon), Weber. " ""PART 11. *" "*

Violin, Herr JOACHIM. Vocalista: Mad. LEMMENS-SHERRINGTON and Herr TheoBeethoven.

DOR WACHTEL (from Vienna). Duetto, “ Dunque io son," N Barbier


Tickets for the Gallery, at 3s. 60., may be obtained of Messrs. Cramer & Co., Fantasia, Oboe, Guillaume Tell

Lavigne and Arditi.

201 Regent Street; and of Mr. Austin, St. James's Hall. Overture, Anacreon

Conductor : Professor Sterndale Bennett, Hius. D.**

CHARLES SALAMAN, Hon. Sec., 36 Baker Street, W. The novelty was the concerto for violoncello, which was executed by the composer, first violoncello of the Conservatoire of Leipsic, who

MR. ARTHUR NAPOLEON'S GRAND MORNING made his first appearance in England. Herr Davidoff, we believe, is a

CONCERT will take place at the Queen's Concert Rooms, Hanover Square, Russian, but of whatsoever country he comes it may indeed be proud on June 26. of him. His execution is admirable, his tone full and pure, his style vigorous and large. He created an immense impression, which would have been greater still had his music been as good as his playing. But

MISS J. HOLMAN ANDREWS has the honour to while the audience were delighted with the player they were wearied

announce that she will give a MATINEE and a SOIREE MUSICALE in the

month of June, at ber residence, 50 Bedford Square. Full particulars will shortly be with the music; and so this blowing hot and cold on their feelings was

announced. by no means advantageous to Herr Davidoff, who next time he exhibits in public should eschew his own compositions unless he can produce

MR. ARTHUR NAPOLEON has the honour to ansomething more likely to please than the concerto in B minor. The

L nounce liis intention of REMAINING in Town for the Season. All commg. symphonies and overtures require no comment. The Pastorale of Beet nications to be addressed care of Messrs. Schott & Co., 159 Regent Street, W. hoven, perhaps the most popular of the “ Glorious Nine," despite what Mr. Hullah says in his book, is also one of the grandest. M. Lavigne

MADAME TONNELIER (Prima Donna) will be happy played the oboe fantasia with wonderful skill, and was loudly ap

M to accept Engagements for Oratorios, Concerts, &c. &c. plauded.

For further particulars and terms, apply at Mr. Surman's Musical Repository Miss Louisa Pyne and Sig. Belletti were the vocalists. The lady | 9 Exeter Hall, Strand. gave the magnificent scena from Fidelio with extraordinary facility and ease - such, indeed, as we scarcely remember to have heard on any former occasion; and Sig. Belletti sang the superb song of Count Alma

MISS EMMA HEYWOOD begs to announce her viva, from the Nozze di Figaro, with consummate effect. In the capital

RETURN to Town. duet from the Barbiere both artists showed their mastery of the florid

All communications respecting Operas, Oratorios, or Concerts, to be addressed to

her Residence, 7 Oval Road, Regent's Park, N.W. style; and at the termination we felt a strong inclination to hear Miss Louisa Pyne sing the whole of the music of Rosina. How would our English prima donna compete in the part with Adelina Patti or Zelia

M JULES DE GLIMES begs to announce that he Trebelli?

11. will ARRIVE in London on June 1, when he will resume his Lessons in Singing and Harmony (Fétis' system).

Letters to be addressed to the care of Messrs. Boosey & Sons, Holles Street. HARP MUSIC, BY BOLEYNE REEVES.


in London for the Season.

For Singing Lessons, or Engagements, address Sig. Luigi Badia, 9 Markam Square, MARCIA SOLENNE in F minor ...

King's Road, Chelsea, s.W.
SCHERZO in E flat minor ...
SOLO:-"'The Last Rose of Summer"

M R. ASHTON (Barytone) is now at liberty to accept (Shortly to appear :-)

L Engagements for Concerts, Oratoríos, &c., in London or the Provinces. DIRGE.

Applications to be made to Mr. Jarrett, Musical and Concert Agent, at Messrs.Duncan

Davison & Co.'s Foreign Music Warehouse, 244 Regent Street, W.
SONATA IMPETUOSA, in E flat major.


VIOLONCELLO for SALE.-A first-class Violoncello

to he disposed of. To be seen at 13 Silver Street, Notting Hill, Bayswater.

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NE W v OC A L M U S I C.

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" In sheltered vale"

... Sung by Carl Formes When thou and I last parted" ..

Composed by W. V. Wallace “ The morning ride" (sung by Miss Stabbach) ...

B. Althaus “ Little Bertha"

W. Guernsey " Good night" (Cradle Song)

A. Reichardt “ Afternoon in February "...

E. Aguilar “ A long good night to thee" (sung by Mr. Thomas)

J. L. Hatton “ The Return" (sung by Mr. Wilbye Cooper) ...

Ditto " Mine love, yes or no?" ...

E. Land • Beloved one, name the day" (sung by Mr. Santley) : A. Mellon " When twilight wakes the star'

Adrian “ Speed thee! gallant Barque" (Schifferlied) ...

A. E. GRELL London : DUNCAN Davison & Co., 244 Regent Street, W.

Newుల లలలలలలు

** The Formation and Cultivation of the Voice for Singing.' By ADOLFO FERRARI

London : Duncan Davison & Co., 244 Regent Street. " The great and deserved success of this work has brought it, in no long time, to a second edition, carefully revised, and enriched with a number of additional exercises which greatly increase its value.

"Since its first publication this book has met with general acceptance, and is now used as a vade-mecum by many of the most eminent and intelligent vosal instructors both in the metropolis and the provinces. We say vocal instructors, because it is only to instructors that works of this class can be of material use. Singing is not an art which can be learned by solitary study with the help of books, and those who are self-taught (as it is called) are always hadly taught. But a good treatise, in which the principles and rules of the art, founded on reason and experience, are clearly expressed, is of intinite value, first to instructors, in assisting them to adopt a rational and efficient method of teaching, and next to pupils themselves, in constantly reminding them of, and enabling them to profit by, the lessons of their master. In both these ways Signor Ferrari's work has been found pre-eminently useful.”-Illustrated News.

LONDON: DUNCAN DAVISON & CO., 244 Regent Street, W.

This Day is published, price 4s. TILLE. TITIENS' New Song, “THE SONG OF 1 FELICIA," with German and English Words. Composed by MOZART ; the English Version by R. ANDREWS, Esq.

London : Duncan Davison & Co., 244 Regent Street, W.

This Day is published, price 36. SIGNOR GARDONI'S new Song, “ALICE” (Qual inclita Stella -Alice, where art thou ?), with Italian Words.

London : Duncan Davison & Co., 244 Regent Street, W.


This Day is published, price 3s. R. TENNANT'S New Song, “ HAST THOU NO TEAR FOR ME?” composed expressly for him, by CIRO PINSUTI.

London: Duncan Davison & Co., 214 Regent Street, W.


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Just published, price 25. 6d. “ PELOVED ONE, NAME THE DAY.

written by John LAMB, Esq., composed by ALFRED MELLON.

London : Duncan Davison & Co., 244 Regent Street, W.

COMPOSED BY HOWARD GLOVER. Performed with the greatest success at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. “Oh! Glorious age of Chivalry.” Duet (Soprano and Contralto) " The solemd words his lips have spoken." Grand Air (Soprano) " The love you're slighted." Ballad. (Soprano) « Stratagem is woman's power." Ballad. (Contralto) " Love is a gentle thing." Ballad. (Ditto) " A young and artless maiden.” Romance. (Tenor) . " There's truth in woman still." Romance. (Ditto) « The Monks were jolly boys." Ballad. (Bass) * lu my Chateau of Pom pernik." (Ditto).

FANTASIAS, QUADRILLES AND WALTZES. Brinley Richards' Fantasia, on “Once too Often" ... ... 4s. Od. Emile Berger's Fantasia, on “ Once too Often” ... ... ... 38. Od. Quadrille, “Fontainbleau," by Strauss. (Handsomely Illustrated) 45. Od. Waltz, “ La Belle Blanche," ditto ... ... ... .ditto ... 48. Od.

London : DUNCAN Davison & Co., 244 Regent Street, W.


V Schools, Drawing Rooms. Churches, Literary and other public Institutions, are made in every possible variety at prices from 6 to 140 Guineas. The Manufacturers have to announce the complete success of a New Patent Self-Acting Blowing Machine, the only self-acting blower that has ever succeeded, which may be seen in operatiou at Holles Street daily.

'The most distinguished living musicians, including Balfe, Sterndale Benvett, Cipri. ani Potter, Best, Henry Smart, &c., have testified to the extraordinary merits of Erans's Harmoniums.

See testimonials attached to Illustrated Catalogues of Harmoniums, to be had gratis of the Manufacturers,

BOOSBY & Ching, 24 Holles Street, London, W.


VANS'S ENGLISH MODEL HARMONIUM, with V two rows of keys, price 66 Guineas in oak case, or 70 Guineas in rosewood case, combines every modern improvement. The most beautiful and varied orchestral effects can be produced upon this instrument, which possesses every gradation of tone from the greatest power to the most delicate piano pieces. The English Model Harmonium is managed with that facility which characterises all Evans's Harmoniums, and is equally effective both in the drawing room and church.

Boosey & CAING, Manufacturers, 24 Holles Street, London, W.

N E FOLLOWING COMPOSITIONS, by this eminent 1 Composer, are published by DUNCAN DAVISON & co.im

VOCAL. “ Here on the mountain," with Clarionet obbligato .....

Violin or Violoncello in lieu of Clarionet, each * Near to thee," with Violoncello obbligato ... " The Fischermaiden" The Lord's Prayer for Four Voices, with Organ ad lib.

Separate Vocal parts, each “ This house to love is holy.” Serenade for Eight Voices ...

Separate Vocal parts, each ... •' Aspiration," for Bass, Solo, and Chorus of 3 Sopranos, 2 Tenors, and 1 Bass

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TVANS'S PEDAL HARMONIUMS, with independent

Pedal Reeds, can be had either with a single or double row of keys, at prices from 251 to 139 Guineas; also with the new patent self-acting blowing inachine.

BOOSEY & CHING, Manufacturers, 24 Holles Street, London, W.



JEWELL, Music Publisher, undertakes the Printing and Publishing of every description of Musical Work, greatly under the usual charges. Estimates given.

104 Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, W.C., near the British Museum.

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ASHDOWN & PARRY (successors to Wessel & Co.)

A beg to inform the Profession that they forward Parcels on Sale upon receipt of references in town. Returns to be made at Midsummer and Christmas.

Their Catalogues, which contain a great variety of Music calculated for teaching purposes, may be had, post-free, on application,

London : 18 Hanover Square.



s. d. " Tarantella"

By Walter Macfarren 4 0 " Du, du, liegst mir im Herzen" (transcribed)

J. Liebich 2 0 “ Weber's celebrated Cradle Song" (ditto) ...

Ditto 2 0 « Grand March " ..

3 0 « Reminiscences of the Trovatore and Traviata”

Wilson Brown " Valse de Grâce "...

C. Minasi " Sunday at Home"

W. H. Holmes * Christmas

Ditto " New Year's Eve "

Ditto 3 0 * Easter”

Ditto 3 0 * Romance"

G. W. Hammond 2 0 Second Romance"

Ditto 2 0 " In sheltered vale" (Formes' celebrated song, transcribed) R. Andrews

London : DUNCAN DAVISON & Co., 244 Regent Street, W.

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arranged for) BEETHOVEN. The Dream of St. Jerome.

Price 28. 6d.

with accompaniment for:

KETTERER, E. Il Bacio (Valse d'Arditi). Price 4s.
La Stella

2nd ditto.
Price 4s.

JOHN:THOMAS (Pencerdd Gwalia).
H ELLER, S. Deuzième Canzonette. Price 4s.
Rêveries d'une Promeneur Solitaire. Price !S.

T'he Welsh Poetry by TALHAIARN. The English Poetry by T. OLIPHANT, Esq.
Douze Valses, in three Books, each, 28. 6d.

: PR AWEN, Introductory Chorus ...

... (To the Muse). 1. LLWYN ONN ...

(The Ash Grove). *** ACH, J. S. Gavotte in G Minor, and Musette in G 2. CODIAD YR HEDY

(The Rising of the Lark). Major, performed by CHARLES HALLE. Price 1s. 6d.


(All through the Night). Ditto Sarabande in E Minor, Passapied in E Major, and Gavotte in


(Hob a derry Danno). G Major, performed by CHARLES HALLE. Price 2s. 60.


(The Plain of Rhuddlan). 6. DIVYRRWCH Y BRENIN

.. (The King's Delight). 7. Y FERCH O'R SCER

(The Maid of Sker). 8. Y GADLYS .

... (The Camp).

9. TORRIAD Y DYDD Price 3s. 6d.

(The Dawn of Day). 10. SERCH HUDOL ..

.. (Love's Fascination). 11. CLYCHAU ABERDYFI

(The Bells of Aberdovey). 12. GLAN MEDDWDOD MWYN

(The Joy of the Mead-cup). 13. RHYFELGYRCH GWYR HARLECH

(March of the Men of Harlecb). 14. MERCH MEGAN ...

(Megan's Daughter). 15. NOS GALAN ...

(New Year's Eve). 16. Y FWYALCHEN

The Blackbird). ... 17. CODIAD YR HAUL

(The Rising of the Sun). Price 3s. 18. DAFYDD Y GARREG WEN

(David of the White Rock). 19. SYR HARRI DDU

(Black Sir Harry). 20. BUGEILIO'R GWENITH GW

(Watching the Wheat). 21. DIFYRRWCH ARGLWYDDES OW

Lady Owen's Delight). 22. TROS Y GARREG ...

(Over the Stone),
23. Y 'DERYN PUR ...

(The Dove).

.. (The Inspired Bard).

Price 3s.


.. ... ... .. (The Minstrel's Adieu to his

native Land).

Complete in Two Volumes, price one guinea each.

And the separate numbers, either as song, or quartet, price two shillings each. OBERTS, H. S. La Belle Russe Waltzes (Illustrated).

The Harmonized Voice-parts, published separately, for the convenienc. of Choral Price 4s.

Societies, price Threepence per page. Also Welsh Melodies for the Harp, by JOIN Ditto

Lass o' Gowrie Quadrilles (Illustrated). Price 3s. THOMAS, in Two Volumes, price 21s. each, or in separate numbers, 2s. Cd. and 38. each.

OURY, MADAME. Fantaisie (Robin Hood).

BROWNE T. Tam o Shanter Galop (Illustrated).

MONTGOMERY, W. H. Ye Whittington Polka

(Illustrated). Price 3s. BUCALOSSI, P. Moonlight Galop (Illustrated).

Water Lily Waltzes (Illustrated). Price 4s.


Price 4s.

D UVAL, E. Star of India Waltzes (Illustrated).

Ace of Hearts Waltzes (INustrated). Price 48.
CROAL, G. Old England Quadrilles (Illustrated).

Old Scotland Quadrilles (Illustrated). Price 48.

Price 4s.


Old Ireland Quadrilles


Price 4s.



U SONS beg to announce that, owing to the repeal of the paper duty and the
increased facilities that now exist in the printing of music, they are enabled to issue
the whole of their well-known Series of Operas, for Voice and Pianoforte, at a reduction
of 50 per cent from the prices at which they were originally published. The operas
are perfectly complete, with the whole of the recitatives, &c., in two languages, and
are bound in limp cloth, so as to form portable companions to the theatre.

s. d.
DON JUAN (English and Italian Words)
FIGARO (English and Italian Words) ...
ZAUBERFLOTE (English and German Words)
IL TROVATORE English and Italian Words)
ERNANI (English and Italian Words) ...
NORMA (English and Italian Words) ..
SONNAMBULA (English and Italian Words
DINORAH (English and Italian Words)
SATANELLA (English Words) ...
DER FREISCHUTZ (English and Ger
FAUST (English and German Words) ...
LUCREZIA BORGIA (English and Italian W rds)
FIDELIO (English and German Words) ... ...
IL BARBIÈRE (English and Italian Words) ...
IPHIGENIA IN TAURIS (English and French Words) ...

BOOSEY & SONS, Holles Street.


SMART, H. « Thro' every Chance and Change," Sung

by Madame Laura Baxter. Price 2s. 6d. Ditto

Tell me, sweet Zephyr," Song. Price 2s. 6d. Ditto

“ l'll tell you why I'd like to be a Rose." Price 2s.6d. Ditto

“I dream of thee at Morn." Price 28. Gd.


RI, F. “Tho' all should forsake thee," Song.

Price 2s.6d.
RAMSDEN, A. “I love none else but thee," Song.

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Price 2s. 60,

T AND, E. " Thou, whom to love is all my care," Sung

1 by Mr. Walter BOLTON. Price 28. 6d.


1 composed by Mrs. MOUNSEY BARTHOLOMEW with duet accompaniment, as sung by Miss STEELR, and performed by Messrs. BENEDICT and FRANCESCO BERGRR at the Royal Society of Female Musicians' Concert, is published by Augener & Co., Newgate Street.

CEMERILE, G. “Io canto e remigo," Barcarole.

Price 2s.

BILETTA, E. “Il Lago di Garda,” Barcarola for Four

Voices. Price 4s.

_Just published, in One Vol. post 8vo. price 9s. 6d. cloth,
I Felix MENDELSSOHN BANTUOLDY, Translated from the German by LADY

" In these letters, addressed principally to members of his family, the playful, affec. tionate nature of the man sheds everywhere the loveliest radiance. There is music in his descriptions, and a murmur of song seems to run through all his letters. They are the converse of his Songs without Words, and we renture to predict that the Leiters of Mendelssohn will become as classical as those compositions, ... It is seldom that we have inclination to speak of a book in terms of equal warmth. We must add that Lady Wallace has performed her part of translator in a manner beyond all praise. The Letters read as if English had been the language in which they were writteil.". Parthenon.




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8. d. OVERTURE . .

. . . 4 0 SONG-A bachelor's life. (Hardress)

- 26 DUET — The moon has rais'd the lamp above. (Hardress

and Danny Mann) -
SONG-The above arranged as a song
SONG-It is a charming girl I love. (Myles.) In B flat and in A 2
SONG - In my wild mountain valley. (Eily.) In D and C minor 2
SONG, with CHORUS, ad lib.-- The Cruiskeen Lawn -

CHORUS—The Hunting Chorus - -
AIR and DUET—The eye of love is keen. (A.Chute & Hardress) 4 0
SCENA— A lowly peasant girl. (Danny Mann) -

3 6 ROMANCE (separately)-The Colleen Bawn. (Danny Mann) 2 6 BALLAD-I'm alone. (Eily.) In E flat and in C .

2 6 DUET-I gire the best advice. (Eily and Myles) • • 4 0

SONG - The Lullaby. (Myles). In A and in F

In Aond in F


. TRIO-Blessings on that rev'rend head. (Eily, Myles and Father Tom.) In D and in D flat .

- 3 0 DUET-Let the mystic orange flowers. (For two equal voices) 2 6 BALLAD- Eily Mavourneen. (Hardress). In F and in D - 2 6 RONDO FINALE-By sorrow tried severely. (Eily)

- 26

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PIANOFORTE ARRANGEMENTS. THE OVERTURE. Arranged by the Author THE FAVOURITE AIRS. In two Books. W. H. Callcott Ditto. As Duets. In two Books. W. H. Callcott . - 60. THE FAVOURITE AIRS. In two Books. Franz Nava Ditto. As Duets. In two Books. Franz Nava SET OF QUADRILLES. Charles Coote - -

is Duets
SET OF QUADRILLES. “The Cruiskeen Lawn.” Pierre Laroche.

Illustrated by Brandard -
Waltz. “Eily Mavourneen.” Chas. Coote. Illus. by Brandard 4
SET OF WALTZES. Pierre Laroche. Illustrated by Brandard
GALOP. Pierre Laroche -
BRINLEY RICHARDS, “ Eily Mavourneen"

“ I'm alone" -
“ It is a charming girl I love”

“ The Cruiskeen Lawn”. KUHE. Fantasia on favourite Airs

Grand Waltz
G. A. OSBORNE. Fantasia on favourite Airs.

“Ricordanza" -
GOODBAN, H. W. Serenade, “ The moon has raised”
MADAME OURY. Fantasia on favourite Airs -
LINDSAY SLOPER. Fantasia on favourite Airs -
RIMBAULT. Six favourite Airs, casily arranged :-
No. 1. “In my wild mountain valley”
2. “The Lullaby" ·

• 1 0 3. “It is a charming girl I love"

. 1 0 4. “Eily Mavourneen”.

- 10 5. “I'm alone". "The Colleen Bawn"

• 1 0

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