century ? The two most beautiful specimens of a tarantella extant As this line will also open up the Metropolitan (underground) railway those of Rossini and Auber-are actually pale by the side of that of the by the intended bridge at Blackfriars, the Northern railways, the Metroold master. Miss Goddard played it con amore. So swist were her politan stations in Farringdon Street and in the New Road, will be in fingers, so rapid was her exccution, that it made one almost giddy to direct communication with the Palace. The chain of communication listen to it. But not only does she deserve praises for her mechanical with the North London Railway by Kensington and Wandsworth is dexterity : her reading of the prelude of Bach, and the Caprice in E, also fast approaching completion. Considerable works are being by Irofessor Sterndale Bennett, was equally to be commended. The carried out at the Palace. The floors in the tropical and southern ends latter composition, though beautiful in itself, is not calculated to pro- have been replaced with brick walls and piers round each flower-bed. duce a striking effect upon the audience. It must be regarded as a A wide triple staircase has been erected, leading from the great transept work for the orchestra with pianoforte “ obbligato," rather than as a to the basement, so that the crowds assembled on popular occasions, piece for brilliant display. The orchestra blends so happily with the may escape from the building to the gardens, and vice versâ, without solo instrument, that those who are in the habit of listening to the per- inconvenience. The roof over the Great Handel Orchestra is being ra. former only, are naturally disappointed, and do not derive that pleasure pidly completed for the great musical celebration to be held during the from the performance which a concerto, or other composition consisting coming season. Competent authorities predict tbat while the volume of of different movements, would produce.--- London Review, March 30. sound will be enormously increased, quality and clearness will be even

DRURY LANE THEATRE. -A very attractive series of entertainments more remarkably enhanced. The demand for scats for the coming was given on Saturday night to a densely crowded house, for the Festival being already considerably in excess of the Festivals of 1857 benefit of Mr. Benedict, whose universally admired opera, The Lily and 1859, contracts have been entered into for thousands of cane. of Killarney, was the principal feature of the bill. As the cast, with one bottomed chairs, as reserved seats, &c. A limited number of Halfexception (Mr. St. Albyn replacing Mr. Haigh in the part of Hardress | Guinea Tickets will be issued on the 23rd of April. The great transept Cregan), was the same as at the Royal English Opera---Misses Louisa is nearly as large again as the transept of 1851 : an additional story is Pyne, Susan Pyne, and Jessie M'Lcan, Messrs. Harrison, Patey, | added to the garden front, and this, coupled with the magnificent site Eugene Dussek, and Santley sustaining their original characters of upon which the Palace stands, gives it incalculable advantages, and Eily, Mrs. Cregan, Anne Chute, Myles-na-Coppaleen, Father Tom, must tend to make it the consiant resort of millions drawn to London Corrigan, and Danny Mann, and as the band and chorus, selected from by the International Exhibition. Great care and preparation is be, the Covent-garden company, were directed by Mr. Alfred Mellon, it is stowed on the gardens within and without the Palace. Hanging enough to say that the performance was all that could be desired, and baskets have been suspended along each side of the nave; the flowerthat the opera was listened to from beginning to end with the interest that beds and walks on the terraces are being renovated with ihe greatest never fails to attend a really genuine and beautiful work. Two pieces activity. The brilliant display of flowers in the upper gardens last year (“ It is a charming girl I love," and " The Colleen Bawn"--Mr. Harri- | was the theme of general eulogium. The Directors having in view the son and Mr. Santley) were encored; the “Cruiskeen Lawn" (Miss Louisa anticipated great influx of visitors during the next six months, hare Pyne) was uproariously applauded; Mr. Benedict was twice called on ; decided upon issuing only one class of season tickets, viz., at one guinea and the whole of the performers were summoned at the fall of the cur- cach. These will be shortly ready for issue. The first great day of tain. The Lily of Killarney was preceded by Mr. Howard Glover's the season will be on Good Friday, when Sims Reeves, Mad. Ruders. charming operetta of Once Too Often, in which Mlle. Jenny Bauer, dorff, and other vocalists, will appear in a concert of sacred music. To Miss Emma Heywood, Herr Reichardt, and Herr Formes, appeared as afford every convenience to visitors arriving and departing, the doors Blanche, Hortense, Marcillac and Pompernick. This, too, was received will be opened at nine o'clock, and the Palace lighted up in the evenwith extraordinary favour. The drunken scene of Herr Formes, with ing. As on Good Friday last ycar 50,912 persons visited the palace, his quaint air, “ The monks were jolly boys," raised general hilarity; when Sims Rceves also appeared, a great day is anticipated. Herr Reichardt was encored in the graceful romance, “A young and 1 Boosey's QUICK-STEP JOURNAL. - A great desideratum has been artless maiden," and Mlle. Jenny Bauer in the last movement of her supplied by Messrs. Boosey and Sons, the music publishers by their scena, “ The solemn words his lips have spoken"-Miss Emma Heywood | issue of a series of “marching cards” for the use of volunteer bands, narrowly escaping a similar compliment in “Love is a gentle thing,” | Each set is a complete score of two marches, for sixteen or more perone of the most genial and attractive pieces in the operetta. At the formers, and there are twelve sets published, constituting a repertoire of end, in obedience to a unanimous demand, the curtain was raised again. well.chosen quick-step tunes, all of a popular character, but all removed After the opera Mr. and Mrs. Dion Boucicault appeared in The Dublin from the commonplace vulgarity of the organs and the peripatetic bands Boy, and kept the audience in high spirits until midnight—at which of Ethiopian minstrels. Instead of airs which have been so hackneyed suggestive hour, almost to a minute, the curtain dropped for the last as to have lost what little power of pleasing they may once have possestime.

sed, we have in this series a really good selection of national melodies, MARYLEBONE THEATRE.-Mr. J. H. Cave, the present manager of with a few importations from the light and spirited operatic music of this remote theatre, is taking great pains to elevate its position. One Verdi and Flotow, and one or two of the very best of the “nigger" of his achievements during the winter was an effective production of tunes which are worth preserving from oblivion.-Daily Telegraph. the Colleen Bawn, and recently he has engaged Mr. Benjamin Webster, who appears in the Dead Heart, one of the dramas in which his talents are most conspicuous. A large and commodious edifice, situ. HAMBURGH. --The lovers of music here enjoyed a rare treat a few ated in a populous neighbourhood, it always seems strange that the days ago, thanks to Mlle. Felicita de Vestvali. This celebrated young Marylebone Theatre has not as yet attained a permanent celebrity. | lady, who reminds us forcibly of Alboni, possesses a voice unequalled Under the successive managements of Mrs. Warner and Mr. J. W. for cultivation, compass and power. Seconded by an imposing perWallack attempts were made to convert it into a sort of north-western sonal appearance, she produces the most extraordinary effect, especially Sadler's Wells, with the legitimate drama as the staple attraction ; and, in the heroic line. The picce which pleased us most in the wellthough the efforts proved unsuccessful, they were far too creditable selected programme was the famous air, “Che faró senza Euridice ?** to meet with oblivion. Mr. Cave trics his fortune with the superior “When I made up my mind,” says Glück, " to compose the operas of kind of melo-drama, supported by the best available talent.

Orfeo and Alceste, it was my intention carefully to avoid all the abuses CRYSTAL PALACE.- A decision was arrived at on Tuesday by the which the misplaced vanity of singers and the too yielding temper of Committec of the House of Commons sitting on the Railway Bills of composers had introduced into Italian opera, abuses which have deGroup 1, likely to exercise a beneficial effect on the future prospects of graded one of the most beautiful and magnificent dramas into one the Crystal Palace. The Chatham and Dover Railway Company have of the most wearisome and the most laughable. I cndeavoured, promoted a line starting from the junction of their Metropolitan and therefore, to restore music to its true duty, namely, that of supportVictoria lines at Brixton, and proceeding through Peckham, Forest ting the poetry, so as to strengthen the expression of the feelings and Hill, and Sydenham, up to the road front of the Crystal Palace, and the interest of the situations, without interrupting the action, or disthe committee declared that, subject to the Brighton Company con- | figuring it by unnecessary ornamentation. I believed that music should structing a portion of the line, over which the other company is to be for poetry what liveliness of colouring and a happy mixture of have ample running powers, the bill should pass. This will give access light and shade are for a faultless and well-planned draiving, lending to the Palace on a sufficiently high level to avoid the inconvenience | animation to the figures without disturbing the outline." ČThe princaused by the present stairs, and as the new station-which is to be placed in Dulwich Wood, immediately opposite the Palace-will have platforms of nearly 1,000 feet in length, with wide covered lateral ap: * To produce so overwhelming an effect by such simple means, proaches to the level of the lower floor of the building, it is obvious says as much for the genius of the composer as it does honour to the great public convenience will result from the additional means of access. talent of the executant.

ciple suggested in the above words of the Chevalier Glück has been

NEW OPERA. adopted at the present day—that is to say, after an interval of about & century-by R. Wagner, who has persistently carried it out, with what success we all know.) At the end of the concert, Mlle. Vestali

THE PURITAN'S DAUGETER. gave the celebrated drinking song from Lucrezia Borgia in an inde. scribably effective manner ; indeed, we may fairly say that her talent is especially adapted for this style of composition. While tendering Mlle." Vestvali our best thanks for the great treat she has afforded us, we seize

A GRAND ROMANTIC OPERA IN THREE ACTS; the opportunity of informing all lovers of music that there is another treat in store for them in the course of next week,Hamburgh Paper. | THE LIBRETTO WRITTEN BY J. V. BRIDGEMAN :



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COMPLETE-PRICE TWO GUINEAS. A correspondent writes from Hereford : , "Our ancient city was enlivened recently by two amateur concerts

CONTENTS. : : (morning and evening), under distinguished patronage, for the benefit

ACT I. : of the cathedral organ fund. The band of the Wandering Minstrels' No.

VOICE. S. accepted the invitation of their brother amateurs of Hereford, and their


Here's to wine, and here's to b united efforts were crowned with success. The programme was highly

“ Hate, hate." .

T. B. 3 creditable to the taste of the conductor, and the performance was, by Duet,

“I would ask a question " (Comic)

S. B. 4 Song.

“My own sweet child." universal consent, placed quite out of the realms of adverse criticism.


" What glorious news" (C Among the pieces were Beethoven's Second Symphony ; Mozart's

Recit. & Chorus, with Solos, “Let us baste.” Jupiter ; Mendelssohn's Rondo Brillante; Meyerbeer's March, from the 7. Solo & Chorus, " By earth and air."

Male Voices.

8. Concerted Piece, " What do we see?" Prophète ; and the overtures to Guillaume Tell, Masaniello, Fra Diavolo,

8A. Duet,
" Oh, father, pity!"

S, B. and La Gazza Ladra. Ernst's Elegie, Let the bright seraphim' 8B. Duet,

“Oh, redect ere you decide."

S. B. 3 Cavatina,

“ Pretty, lowly, modest flower. (trumpet obbligato), and several vocal compositions by Handel, Spohr,

Finale, Act I. . Meyerbeer, Rossini, &c., &c., were admirably given by Miss Hunting- / 101.

lice for ever past." 101. Ballad,

. So ever past.



• ford, the Misses Philips, Mrs. Cooper, Master Caldicott, Mr. Barnby,

Mr. Carpenter, the Rev. W. Duncombe, the Rev. J. Goss, the Rev. F.
Havergall, the Rev. Sir J. Gore Ouseley, Bart., Master Thomas, the lay | 11. Recit. & Romance, “ How peal on peal of thunder rolls." .
clerks of the Cathedral, and members of the Hereford Choral Society. 12.

“ By the tempest overtaken."

" My welcome also to this roof." The soloists were-Pirnoforte, the Rev. J. Capel Hanbury ; Violin, the 134. Cabaletta,

“ Can it be, do I dream?". Hop. Seymour Egerton ; Flute, Captain Le Patourel; Cornet and

“Let the loud timbrel" (Un


“ Nay, do not run away." Trumpet, Mr. A. B. Mitford ; Violoncello, Lord Gerald Fitzgerald,


" Though we fond men all beauties woo." whose solos were rapturously received. The concerts were ably con 16. Duet,

" Thou weepest, gentle girl." .

17. Drinking Song, "Let others sing the praise of wine." ducted by the Hon. S. Grey Egerton, and the results must have been


“The Paradise of Love." very satisfactory to the committee.

19. Finale, Act II. . . .

" What man worthy of the name." . . S. B. B. 3

19}. Entr' Acte . .
20. Ballad, : "Hail, gentle sleep." · ::.

Concerted Piece

Ballad, c " A loving daughter's heart.” : 23. Concerted Piece

2. Rondo, Finale, “With emotion post all feeling.:: Sir,—The young English Composer, Arthur Seymour Sullivan,

N.B.—Those marked thus (*) have transposed Editions. whose music for Shakspeare's Tempest was so favourably noticed in

Favourite Airs from Balse's Opera, “ The Puritan's Daughter," arranged by The Times of Monday, was a chorister in the Chapel Royal, St.

W. H. Callcott, in 2 Books

. • Solos, 58.; Duets 6 0 James's, at the time he was chosen Mendelssohn Scholar; he then W. H. Holmes's Fantasia, " The Puritan's 1

- 4 0 studied for two years at the Royal Academy of Music, and was after

Brinley Richards's “Bliss for ever past." .

• 3 0 Brinley Richards's Fantasia on the Favourite Airs

. . . 40 wards sent to the Conservatorium, Leipsic. He entered the Chapels Galop, from "The Puritan's Daughter," arranged by C. Coote

. . 30 Royal in April, 1854, and left in June, 1857; and it seems just to the

The Storm Valse, from “ The Puritan's Daughter," arranged by C

Quadrille, from “ The Puritan's Daughter," arranged by C. Coote oldest school of English composers that this fact should not be wholly

Küne's Fantasia on “The Puritan's Daughter." ignored in any notice of his educational career.

Other Arrangements in the Press.
I am, Sir, your obedient servant,

London : ADDISON, HOLLIER & Lucas, 210 Regent Street
THOMAS HELMORE, M.A., Priest in Ordinary,
and Master of the Children of her Majesty's


Schools, Drawing Rooms, Churches, Literary and other public Institutions, are Chapels Royal.

made in every possible variety at prices from 6 to 140 guineas. The Manufacturers

have to announce the complete success of a New Patent Self-Acting Blowing Machine, 6 Cheyne-walk, Chelsea, April 8.

the only self-acting blower that has ever succeeded, which may be seen in operatio:1 at Holles Street daily.

The most distinguished living musicians, including Balse, Sterndale Bennett, Cipria ani Potter, Best, Henry Sinart, &c., have testified to the extraordinary merits of Evans's Harmoniums.

See testimonials attached to Illustrated Catalogues of Harmoniums, to be had gratis of the Manufacturers,

Boogey & CHING, 24 Holles Street, London, W.

DIVANS'S ENGLISH MODEL HARMONIUM, with COLLARD AND COLLARD'S NEW WEST-END two rows of keys, price 66 guineas in oak case, or 70 guineas in rosew ood case, U ESTABLISHMENT, 16 Grosvenor Street, Bond Street, where all communi

combines every modern improvement. The most beautiful and varied orchestral effects ations are to be addressed. Pianofortes of all classes for Sale and Hire.

can be produced upon this instrument, which possesses every gradation of tone from

the greatest power to the most delicate piano pieces. The English Model Harinonium City Branch, 26 Cheapside, E.C.

is managed with that facility which characterises all Evans's Harmoniums, and is
equally effective both in the drawing room and church.

Boosky & CHING, Manufacturers, 24 Holles Street, London, W.
This Day is Published, price Is. 6d.,

TVANS'S PEDAL HARMONIUMS, with independent

U Pedal Reeds, can be had either with a single or double row of keys, at prices By GEORGE LINLBY.

from £51 to 130 Guineas; also with the new patent self-acting blowing inachine, G. BCBB, 167 New Bond Street.

ABOOSEY & CUING, Manufacturers, 24 Hollos Street, London, W.

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PIANOFORTE. REETHOVEN. The Dream of St. Jerome. K UHE. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN. Grand Brilliant Price 2s. 6d.

Fantasia. Price 4s.

Ashdown & PARRY, 18 Hanover Square.
ETTERER, E. Il Bacio (Valse d'Arditi). Price 4s.

La Stella
2nd ditto.
Price 4s.

Price 4s.

Ashrown & PARRY, 18 Hanover Square. ELLER, S. Deuzième Canzonette. Price 4s. 17


Réveries d'une Promeneur Solitaire. Price's.
Douze Valses, in three Books, each, 28. 6d.

Price 4s.

Ashdown & PARRY, 18 Hanover Square. PACH, J. S. Gavotte in G Minor, and Musette in G

CANZ. — QUI VIVE! Grand Galop de Concert, Major, performed by CHARLES HALLB. Price is. 6d.

played by the Composer with extraordinary success. Price 48.

ASHDOWN & PARRY, 18 Hanover Square.

Sarabande in E Minor, Passapied in E Major, and Gavotte in
G Major, performed by CHARLES HALLE, Price 2s.6d,


ASHDOWN & PARRY, 18 Hanover Square.
OURY, MA DA ME. Fantaisie (Robin Hood).
Price 3s. 6d.

QOLLMICK. - DIANA. Grand Galop de Concert.
Price 4s.

ASHDOWN & Parry, 18 Hanover Square.


D Played by the Composer daily at his Pianoforte Recitals at the Crystal Palace BROWNE T. Tam o Shanter Galop (Illustrated). with unabated success. Price 4s.

ASHDOWN & PARRY, 18 Hanover Square.
Price 3s.

TGOMERY, W. H. Ye Whittington Polka Price 25. Gd.
(Illustrated). Price 3s.

ASHDOWN & PARRY, 18 Hanover Square.
BUCALOSSI, P. Moonlight Galop (Illustrated). Price 2s.6d,

Ashdown & Parry, 18 Hanover Square.
Price 3s.
Water Lily Waltzes (Illustrated). Price 48.


FLOWER, Price 3s.
ROBERTS, H. S. La Belle Russe Waltzes (Illustrated).

ASHDOWN & Parry, 18 Hanover Square.
Lass o” Gowrie Quadrilles (Iustrated). Price 3s.

RISSAC.- T'AMO, SI T'AMO. The Mazurka from
Verdi's “ Un Ballo in Maschera." Price 38.

ASHDOWN & PARRY, 18 Hanover Square.
D UVAL, E. Star of India Waltzes (Illustrated).
Price 4s.

RISS A C. — DIXEY'S LAND. Price 3s
Ace of Hearts Waltzes (Illustrated). Price 48,

ASHDOWN & PARRY, 18 Hanover Square.

ICARDO LINTER. – TALLY HO! Fantasia (à la YROAL, G. Old England Quadrilles (Illustrated).

Chasse). Price 38.
Price 4s.

Ashdown & Parry, 18 Hanover Square.
Old Scotland Quadrilles (Illustrated). Price 4s.
Old Ireland Quadrilles (do.)

Price 38.

ASHDOWN & PARRY, 18 Hanover Square.

D UMMEL. _ SOLITUDE. Nocturne. Price 3s.

ASHDOWN & PARRY, 18 Hanover Square. SMART, H. " Thro' every Chance and Change,” Sung by Madame Laura Baxter. Price 28. 60.

TDOUARD DE PARIS.- MEZZANOTTE. Fantasia « Tell me, sweet Zephyr," Song. Price 28. 6d.

on the favourite quartet from Flotow's opera “ Martha.” Price 4s. “ I'll tell you why I'd like to be a Rose.” Price 2s.6d.'

ASHDOWN & PARRY, 18 Hanover Square.
“ I dream of thee at Morn." Price 28. 6d.

HENRI ROUBIER. – ESILDA, Fantaisie-Polka de
RI, F. “Tho' all should forsake thee,” Song. Salon. Price 3s.
Price 2s. 6d.

ASHDOWN & PARRY, 18 Hanover Square.
RAMSDEN, A. “I love none else but thee,” Song.


Fantaisie-Mazurka de Salon. Price 38.
Price 2s. 60.

Asudown & PARRY, 18 Hanover Square. AND, E. “ Thou, whom to love is all my care," Sung HENRI ROUBIER. - VAILLANCE. Morceau Miliby Mr. Walter BOLTON. Price 28. 6d.

taire. Price 3s.

ASHDOWN & PARRY, 18 Hanover Square. CEMERILE, G. “Io canto e remigo," Barcarole.

RNST LUBECK.-THE SPRITE. Rêverie Price 25.

Caractéristique. Price 3s.

Ashdown & PARRY, 18 Hanover Square.
BILETTA, E. " Il Lago di Garda,” Barcarola for Four
Voices. Price 48.

I BRUGES. Price 25. 6d.

ASHDOWN & PARRY, 18 Hanover Square.


A Fairy Tale. Price 3s,



Price 4s.



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Price 12s.


28. 6d.

I NAVIGANTI (The Mariners).

N EW TRIO, for Soprano, Tenor, and Bass, Price 4s.

(With English and Italian Words.) * In the composition of this unaffected and graceful trio (which is inscribed to those excellent professors of the vocal art, Sig. and Mad. Ferrari), Mr. Randegger has shown not only the melodic gift, and the knowledge of how to write effectively for voices, but a thorough proficiency in the art of combination, and, as it were, a dramatic spirit, which might win favour for an opera from his pen. Each voice (tenor, basso and soprano), in the order in which they enter, has an effective solo, followed by an ensemble “The Formation and Cultivation of the Voice for Singing.' By ADOLFO FERRARI. (or'tutti') for the three voices in the major key (the trio begins in C minor), the whole

London : Duncan Davison & Co., 244 Regent Street. terminating with a coda, 'sotto voce,' the effect of which, if smoothly rendered by three good singers, must be as charming as it is new. The more of such 'terzettinos' " The great and deserved success of this work has brought it, in no long time, to a the better."--MUSICAL WORLD. London : DUNCAN Davison & Co., 244 Regent Street, W.

second edition, carefully revised, and enriched with a number of additional exercises which greatly increase its value.

"Since its first publication this book has met with general acceptance, and is now used AIRS, BALLADS, &c. IN THE OPERETTA

as a vademecum by many of the most eminent and intelligent vocal instructors both | in the metropolis and the provinces. We say vocal instructors, because it is only to

works of this class can be of material use. Singing is not an art which : COMPOSED BY HOWARD GLOVER.

can be learned by solitary study with the help of books, and those who are self-taught Performed with the greatest success at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

(as it is called) are always badly taught. But a good treatise, in which the principles “OH! GLORIOUS AGE OF CHIVALRY," Duet.

and rules of the art, founded on reason and experience, are clearly expressed, is of in. Sung by Mlle. JENNY Baur and Miss Emma HEYWOOD... 4s. Od.

finite value, first to instructors, in assisting them to adopt a rational and efficient me.

thod of teaching, and next to pupils themselves, in constantly reminding them of, and “ THE SOLEMN WORDS HIS LIPS HAVE SPOKEN.”

enabling them to profit by, the lessons of their master. In both these ways Signor Grand Air. Sung by Mlle. Jenny BAUR ... ... ... 48. 6d.

Ferrari's work has been found pre-eminently useful. “ THE LOVE YOU'VE SLIGHTED.” Ballad. Sung by

"The foundation of singing is the formation of the voice. A bad voice cannot be made Mlle. JENNY BAUR

28. 6.

a good one: but the most mediocre voice mar be made a source of pleasure both to its • STRATAGEM IS WOMAN'S POWER.” Ballad. Sung

possessor and to others. Accordingly, ample dissertations on the formation of the by Miss Emma HEYWOOD ... ..

28. 60 voice abound in our treatises on singing. But it unfortunately happens that these dis. “LOVE IS A GENTLE THING.” Ballad. Sung by

sertations are more calculated to perplex than to enlighten the reader. We could refer

to well-known works by professors of singing of great and fashionable name, in which Miss EMMA HEYWOOD ...

the rules for the formation of the voice are propounded with such a parade of science. “ A YOUNG AND ARTLESS MAIDEN.” Romance.

and with descriptions of the vocal organs so minute and so full of Greek anatomical Sung by Herr REICHARDT

terms, that no unlearned reader can possibly understand them. Signor Ferrari (as he “ THERE'S TRUTH IN WOMAN STILL.” Romance.

tells us) was brought up to the medical profession before, following the bent of his inSung by Herr REICHARDT ...

clination, he betook himself to the study of music. But this circumstance, while it “ THE MONKS WERE JOLLY BOYS.” Ballad. Sang

made bim acquainted with the physical construction of the human organs of sound, has by Herr FORMES ... .

not led him into the common error of displaying superfluous learning. We have not " IN MY CHATEAU OF POMPERNIK.” Aria Buffa.

a word about the glottis' or the trachæa,' but we have a broad principle distinctly Sung by Herr FORMES ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 39. Od. | enunciated, and intelligible to everybody.

“Signor Ferrari's principle is of the simplest kind. •Every one,' he says, 'who can FANTASIAS, QUADRILLES AND WALTZES.

speak may sing. The only difference between speaking and singing is, that in speaking Brinley Richards' Fantasia, on “Once too Often" ... ... 48. Od. we strike the sound impulsively and immediately leave it, whereas in singing we have Emile Berger's Fantasia, on “ Once too Often” ... ... ... 39. Od. to sustain the sound with the same form of articulation with which we struck it im. Fontainbleau Quadrille," by Strauss. (Handsomely Illustrated

pulsively.' It is on this principle that Signor Ferrari's practical rules for the formation in Colours.) ... .. ...

and cultivation of the voice are based. To give the pupil a sufficient control of the ... ...

... ... ... ...

4s. Od. “ La Belle Blanche Waltz," ditto ... ... ... ditto ... 45. Od.

breath for the utterance of prolonged sounds-to soften the barshness and increase the

strength and equality of the natural tones of the voice, without ever forcing it-these " Mr. Glover's operetta is a decided, and, what is better, a legitimate, hit. The

are the objects of the scales and exercises on sustained sounds, which must be practised songs before us have already attained a well-merited popularity. The monks were jolly boys' is as racy as the best of the old English ditties, harmonised with equal

under the careful superintendence of the teacher, whose assistance Signor Ferrari quaintness and skill, and thoroughly well suited to the voice of Herr Formes. The always holds to be indispensable, love you've slighted still is true' (for Mlle. Jenny Baur) has a melody of charming “ Signor Ferrari makes an observation which, as far as we are aware, is new. It is freshness. Not less a model ballad in its way is A young and artless maiden' (for Herr Reichardt), which sets out with an elegantly melodious phrase. Perhaps more to

evidently well founded, and of great importance. Owing to the want of attention to our liking, however, than any of the foregoing, excellent and genuine as they are, is

the tone in which children speak, they acquire bad habits, and contract a habitual tone 'Love is a gentle thing' (sor Miss Emma Heywood), which enters the more retined which is mistaken for their natural voice. It is a result of this neglect, he says, that regions of the ballad-school, and attains an expression as true as it is graceful. The

'the young ladies of the present day speak in a subdued, muffled tone, or what may be Opening holds out a promise which the sequel entirely fulfils." - Musical World. London : DUNCAN DAVISON & Co., 244 Regent Street, W.

called a demi-falsetto, in consequence of which very few natural voices are heard.'

Hence a young lady, when she begins to sing, frequently continues to use this habitual Just published, price 3s.,

tone. The result is,' says Signor Ferrari, 'that not only does she never sing well, EW ITALIAN SONG, “ Parvemi il volo Scioglere.” but soon begins to sing out of tune, and finally loses her voice, and in too many in. Melodia. Musica di E. MECATTI.

stances injures her chest. Indeed,' he adds, I have no hesitation in saying that hun. London : DUNCAN DAVISON & Co., 244 Regent Street, W.

ng ladies bring upon themselves serious chest affections from a bad habit Just published, price 3s.

of speaking and singing.' Signor Ferrari afterwards shows how this great evil n EW SONG, “When thou and I last parted." cured by making the pupil read or recite passages in a deep tone, as though engaged in Poetry by JESSICA RANKIN. Music by W. VINCENT WALLACE.

earnest conversation; and he adds, 'I cannot advise too strongly the greatest attention London : DUNCAN DAVISON & Co., 244 Regent Street, w.

to the free and natural development of the lower tones of the voice. It is to the stabi.

lity of the voice what a deep foundation is to the building of a house.' Just published, price 38.

“Signor Ferrari deprecates, as fatal errors, the custom of practising songs or solfegMISS STABBACH'S NEW SONG

gio with florid passages before the voice is sufficiently cultivated. He is of opinion M "THE MORNING RIDE.” Poetry by CLARIBEL. Music by BERN.

that young ladies ought to begin the study of singing at thirteen or fourteen, and not, HARD ALTHAUS, London : DUNCAN Davison & Co., 244 Regent Street, W.

as is generally done, at seventeen or eighteen, by which time

singers. In regard to the important question how long the pupil ought to practise, he Just published, price 48.,

observes that this will depend on the acquisition of a proper method. The more a WHEN THE WIND BLOWS IN FROM THE

pupil practises with an improper intonation the worse, but once able to sing with a SEA.” Duet for Soprano and Barytone. The Music by HENRY natural tone, he may practise two, three, or more hours a day without danger. All SMART.

Signor Ferrari's precepts are of the same sound and rational character.
London : DUNCAN DAVISON & Co., 244 Regent Street, w.

"The exercises, embracing the scales, and all the various passages which belong to Just published, price 2s. 6d.,

modern melody, are sufficiently copious aod admirably adapted to their purpose. In TITTLE BERTHA." Music by W. GUERNSEY. the original publication these exercises were confined to the sopra London : DUNCAN DAVISON & Co., 244 Regent Street, w.

sponding male voice, the tenor. But in this new and revised edition a number of exer

cises are added for contralto or barytone voices-a very great addition to the value of Just published, Price 3s.,

the work."-Illustrated News, April 5. by ALÈXANDRE REICHARDT. “ Herr Reichardt was encored in a' Cradle Song' of his own composition, one of the most charming bagatelles we ever heard, and sung with irresistible sweetness and expression,"-Edinburgh Courant. London i DUNCAN DAVISON & Co., 244 Regent Street, W..

LONDON: DUNCAN DAVISON & CO., 244 Regent Street, W.

Herr Pisiin. Noc less a mods true? (for Mlle. Jeno, the voice of Hernised with equal

an any of themma Heywood!n as true as itical World.

attains an entirely furnis: Street,

NEW ITALI. Melodia. Damon

“GOOD NIGHT” (Cradle Song). Composed and Sung



Beg to announce that, owing to the Repeal of the Paper Duty, and the increased facilities that now exist in the Printing of Music, they are enabled to issue the whole of their well-known Series of Operas, for Voice and Pianoforte, at a reduction of 50 per cent. from the prices at which they were originally published. The Operas are perfectly complete, with the whole of the Recitatives, &c., in two Languages, and are bound in Limp Cloth, so as to form Portable Companions to the Theatre.

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Now Ready,

s. d. MOZART'S DON JUAN (English and Italian Words) . . MOZART'S FIGARO (English and Italian Words) . . . MOZART'S ZAUBERFLOTE (English and German Words) VERDI'S IL TROVATORE (English and Italian Words) · VERDI'S LA TRAVIATA (English and Italian Words) - . - 5 0 VERDI'S ERNANI (English and Italian Words) . . . .my BELLINI'S NORMA (English and Italian Words) . BELLINI'S SONNAMBULA (English and Italian Words) . MEYERBEER'S DINORAH (English and Italian Words) . BALFE'S SATANELLA (English Words) . . . . . 6 WEBER'S DER FRIESCHUTZ (English and German Words) . 6 0 FLOTOW'S MARTHA (English, Italian and German Words) , . 5 0 SPOHR'S FAUST (English and German Words) . . . . 60 DONIZETTI'S LUCREZIA BORGIA (English and Italian Words) .80 BEETHOVEN'S FIDELIO (English and German Words) .

. 8 0 ROSSINI'S IL BARBIERE (English and Italian Words) . . . 9 0 GLUCK'S IPHIGENIA IN TAURIS (English and French Words) - 50


ܗ ܗ


Printed by GEORGE ANDREW SPOTTISWOODE, of No, 12 James Street, Buckingham Gate, in the Parish of St. Margaret, in the City of Westminster, at No. 5 Newstreet Square

in the Parish of St. Bride, in the City of I.ondon. Published by John BOOSRY, at the Office of BOORBY & Sons, 28 Holles Street, Saturday, April 12, 1864

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