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test the hidden pathos of the singer. The lips are but the portals of the heart, and singing is the highest manifestation of what dwells in the soul within. We believo Mad. Vinning's success rests mainly on a heart, warm, simple and true, of which her voice is only the expression. What is true must be loved, and must carry with it its own charm; and there is a triumph for true hearts, which the greatest genius cannot secure, not the noisy triumph of applause, but the far moro lasting triumph of life-long friends."

The same journalist speaks enthusiastically of the pianoforte playing of Miss Jane Jackson, who he affirms, is considered by competent judges equal to any pianist of the day.

fetters to tin (gbxtor.


Sib,—I was very pleased to see your notice of Dr.Wesley's anthem, "All go unto one place," in memory of the lamented Prince Consort. It is a very fine composition, and, what is the great treat in these times, an original piece of writing. Yet it is simple enough for any choir who can sing notes as they are written, and who are willing to try something beyond the humdrum puerilities which are often worked threadbare by those competent to essay music of a higher order. Let every musician purchase the anthem and judge for himself whether the modulations are not most striking and original. At the same time the parts flow smoothly enough for the majority of our parochial choirs, who, in their present improved state of efficiency, are not bound hand and foot and throat to the ground, by the bonds of the common "chord." The modulation, or rather progression, from the chord of B major to that of C natural major, which occurs on the words "Eternal in the heavens," has it most beautiful effect. The unison passage for tenors and basses which opens the anthem is striking and masterly, and so, indeed, is the whole anthem. It is a treat, indeed, to meet with anything so new. Dr. Wesley is as original in writing as he is in playing: both are his own. I am sure that all musicians, organists and choirmasters will thank you for your notice of the anthem, and will be delighted to possess such an original and appropriate memento of the illustrious Prince.

I hope you will do me the favour to insert this letter in tho next number of your journal. Indeed I am sure you will have pleasure in allowing your columns to be the medium of paying a mark of respect to the genius and consummate talent of Dr. Wesley.

Thomas Lloyd Fowle, Mus. Doc. M.A.

London, \2th Feb. 1862.


Sir,—" Figaro "means the translated edition of Schindler's Beethoven, and also the translated edition of Chrysander's Life of Handel.

[Chrysander is not translated. We believe the translation of Schindler was published at Bentley's,—Moscheles was the editor. It is, however, to be ascertained at any publisher's.—Ed.]

Herr Nabich, the well-known trombonist, has left London for the purpose of giving concerts in Paris and Orleans.

Dk. Gilbert And Miss Parry.—A correspondent, writing from Leipsic, says :—"Dr. Bennett Gilbert, from London,presented himself at the Comervatorium last night (the 2nd ult.), and brings with him his pupil, Miss Caroline Parry, a charming young soprano, of seventeen or eighteen summers. We had the satisfaction of hearing her in the grand aria from Freischiitz, ' Wie nahte,'and also Donizetti's ' L'amor suo.' This young lady is to sing at the grand levees about the 12th of this month, and there is little doubt about her success. She brings here the best recommendationz from such men as Kapelmeistcr Dcssoff (of Vienna), Julius Reitz, &C. ; enough to secure her the first position on the continent."

Croydon. — The entertainment in connection with the Literary and Scientific Institution, which took place at the New Public Hall on Thursday evening week, was a significant success. The hall doors were besieged by crowds long before the hour for opening, and many could not obtain admittance. The singing of the Orpheus Glee Union was greatly applauded. Mr. George Russell, the talented pianist, played the Andante and Rondo Capriccioso of Mendelssohn, La Cascade of Paucr, and " Home, sweet home " of Thalberg. At the conclusion of each solo Mr. Russell was enthusiastically applauded, and the performances encored — a compliment which he merely acknowledged with

bows. Such an entertainment as this is a credit to the Literary and Scientific Institution.

Breslau.—The first subscription concert of the Breslau Orchestral Union, went off with great (clat. About 1100 tickets were sold, and the audience were loud in their applause. The orchestra, consisting of seventy musicians, was under the direction of Dr. Damrosch. The principal orchestral works, comprised in the programme, were the overture to Die Zauberjlote, Gade's Michael Angelo overture, and Beethoven's symphony in C minor. Herr Jean Becker played Mendelssohn's violin concerto, and Paganini's variations.

Erfurt.—The last concert of Soller's Musical Union was given in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Frederick the Great's birthday. A bust of the warlike monarch was set up, entwined with flowers, in the most conspicuous part of the concert-room. The concert began with the grand " Paradcmarsch" composed by Frederick himself, followed by Meyerbeer's overture to Das Feldlager in SMesien, and a number of less important pieces, vocal and instrumental.

Prague.—Mozart's Idomeneo will shortly be performed here for the first time.

Leipsic.—We learn from a correspondent that Miss Madeline Schiller, a young English pianist, made a highly favourable dibut at the Gewandhaus Concerts on the 23rd of January. The circumstances under which she appeared were peculiar. The pianist who came from Frankfort to play did not satisfy himself or the directors at rehearsal, and voluntarily resigned his engagement. Upon this Miss Madeline Schiller, who was known to one or two of the directors, was sent for, and most bravely undertook to play Mendelssohn's G minor Concerto at a day's notice. As it was the young lady's first appearance in presence of a large audience, her situation may be imagined. She was extremely nervous, but after the first movement, encouraged by frequent and loud applause, seemed to have recovered full possession of her powers. That she created an unusual sensation may be gathered from the fact, that the directors presented her with a very handsome brooch, gold neck-chain and pendants. The newspapers all anticipate for Miss Schiller a firstrate artistic career.

Hanover There were eighty operatic performances at the Theatre

Royal during the last year. Two of the operas performed — Das Glbc/tchen des Eremiten and M. Gounod's Faust — were novelties. There were twelve revivals. In stock operas, the various composers were represented as follows :— Auber, one performance; Bellini, I; Boicldieu, 2; Donizetti, 3; Fioranti, 1; Flotow, 3; Gliiscr, 1; Gounod, 2; HalCvy, I; Krcutzer, 1; Lortzing, 4; Maillart, 3; Marsehncr, 4; Mehul, 2 j Meyerbeer, 9; Mozart, 3; Nicolai, 1; Offenbach, lj Rossini, 3 j Spohr, 1; Verdi, 3; Wagner, 4; and Weber, 1.

Gotha.— The Duke of Saxe Meiningen has bestowed the medal and decoration affiliated to the Ernetcnian House Order, on Herr Alfred Jacll, the pianist. Herr Jaell has been making a professional tour, through Hanover, Casscl, Mayenee and Meiningen, and will shortly visit Hamburg, Leipsic and Bremen.

Three Hundred and Twenty-fourth Edition of

HAMILTON'S MODERN INSTRUCTIONS for the PIANOFORTE, enlarged and fingered by Czerny, with the addition of new and original Preludes and Arrangement! by W. Vincent Wallace, Brinley Richards, and A. Leduc. Large folio plates, 70 pages, 4s. Contents :— Rudiments of Musical Notation, sections 1 to 1*; Exercise and Scales, Nos. 1 to 119— Lessons with Preludes in vitrioii* keys, Nos. 1 to 72 — 12 Single and Double Chants; 4 Vocal Pieces, With Piano Accompaniment. A complete Library for the learner of the Pianoforte. Also the 20th edition of Hamilton's Modern Instructions for Singing, 5s.; mid 66th edition of lilt Dictionary of 3-MX) Musical Terms, Is; also 70th edition of Clarke's Catechism of the Rudiments of Music, Is,

WVINCENT WALLACE...- For piano, SOUVENIR • des INDES ORIENTALES, Melodie (from the Burlington Album), I*. La Grazfella Nocturne, N. The Shepherd's Rondelay, a Pastoral Sketch, 4s. Blue Bells of Scotland, 3s.; duet, M. Ye Banks and Braes, 3s.; duet, 4s. Twilight Romance, 2s. Fading Away, 3s. Annie Laurie, 2s. Gd. Rosebud Polka, 2s. 6d. Home, Sweet Hume, 3*. Robin Adair, 4a, Croyui-raoi, 2s. Gd. Catalogue of his recent works gratis and post free.

WHAT ARE THE WILD WAVES SAYING? Piano Duet, arranged by BRINLEY RICHARDS, 4s. What are the wild Waves Saying? Vocal Duet, by Stephen Glover, 3s. What are the Wild Waves Saying ? arranged for Piano by Brinley Richards. The Echoes of Killarney, by Brinley Richards. Reminiscence for Piano, introducing The Meeting of the Waters, 2t. Gd. The Echo of Lucerne, by Brinley Richards, transcribed for Piano, 3a. Warbling* at Eve, by Brinley Richards, Romance for Piano — Solo 2s. Gd.; Duet M. Cherry Ripe, for the Piano, by Brinley Richards, 3s. Hurrah for the Bonnets of Blue, for Piano, arranged by Brinley Richards, M.

HAMILTON'S PIANO TUTOR. 324th Edition. 4s.
CLAHKK'S CATKCH1SM of MUSIC. 70lh Edition. It.
ROBERT cocks and CO.'S CATALOGUES, Poit.free.
London: Robbbt Com, Si Co., New Burlington Street; and of all ,Music;elk>rs.




WHEN this Book first appeared we foretold its success; our conviction being founded on the author's freedom from conventional trammels, the strong good sense of his opinions, the novelty and yet evident soundness of his precepts, and the conciseness and practical value of his examples and exercises, of which every note is dictated by a clear and definite purpose. The influence of Signor Ferrari's method of forming and cultivatlngthe voice, as it is explained in this treatise, is enhanced by the efficacy of his personal lessons in his practice as one of the most eminent teachers of the day; and this work has consequently come into general use as a manual of vocal instruction, not only in the metropolis but throughout the kingdom. In this new edition the author has made various important additions to the work, especially to the Exercises. Formerly they were confined to soprano or tenor voices; exercises for one voice being also available for the other. But, for the contralto, or the barytone, provision was not made. This desideratum is now supplied, partly by means of entirely new exercises, partly by giving the old exercises likewise in transposed keys, and'partly by adapting the soprano exercises also to the contralto or baritone, by the insertion of alternative passages in email notes. By these means the utility of the work is very greatly increased. We have said that the remarkable qualities of this book are the author's freedom from conventional trammels, the strong sense of his opinions, and the novelty yet evident soundness of his precepts ; and this we will show by quoting, unconnectedly, a few passages which cannot fail to strike every reader.— Daily News, A

London i Published, price 12s., by
DUNCAN DAVIDSON & CO., 244 Regent Street, W.





Mile. Jenkt Bauk 2s. 6d.

"LOVE IS A GENTLE THING." Ballad. Sung by

Miss Emma Heywood 2s. Cd.


Sung by Herr Reichardt 2s. 6d.


Sung by Herr Reiciiardt 2s. M.


by Herr Formes 3s. Od.


Sung by Herr Formes 3s. Od.

"Mr. Glover's operetta is a decided, and, what U better, a legitimate, 'hit." The song, before us hare already attained a well.merltcd popularity. 'The monks were jolly boys' is ai racy at the best of the old English ditties, harmonised with equal quamtneii and ikill, and thoroughly well suited to the voice of Herr Formes. 'The love you've slighted still is true' (for Mile. Jenny Baur) has a melody of charming freshness. Not less a model ballad In its way is 'A young and artless maiden ' (for Herr Reichardt), which sets out with an elegantly melodious phrase. Perhaps more to our liking, however, than any of the foregoing, excellent and genuine as they are, is 'Love is a gentle thing' (for Miss Emma Heywood), which enters the more refined regions of the ballad-school, and attains an expression as true as it is graceful. The opening holds out a promise which the sequel entirely fulfils. We shall look with real interest for the remaining pieces of " Once too Often."—Musical World.

I NAVIGANTI (The Mariners),


This popular Trio (for soprano, tenor and bass) sung by Miss Anna Whitty. Mr. Tennant and Herr Formes, on their tour through the proTraces, and by Madame Rudersdorff, Mr. Dunn, and Mr. Weiss at the Cork Festival, is published, price 4*. by Duma n Davison & Co.

"In the composition of this unaffected and graceful trio (which is inscribed to those excellent professors of the vocal art, Sig. and Mad. Ferrari), Mr. Riindcgger has shown not only the melodic gift, and the knowledge of how to write effectively for voices, bu t a thorough proficiency In the art of combination, and, as it were, a dramatic spirit, which might win favour for an opera from his pen. Each voice (tenor, basso and soprano), in the order in which they enter, has an effective solo, followed by an ensemble (or * tutti') for the three voices in the major key (the trio begins in C minor), the whole terminating with a coda, * sotto voce.' the effect of which, if smoothly rendered by three good singers, must be as charming as it is new. The more of men 'lerzettinos' the better."— Musical World.

Loudon: DUNCAN DAVIDSON & CO., 244 Regent Street, W.

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Pas Redouble. Price 3s.

Morro ma Prima In Grazia, from Un Ballo.
Price 3s. 6d.

Cramer, Beale & Woon, 201 Regent Street, W.

ALLCOTT, W. H. Simon Boccanegra. Favourite

Airs, in two Books. Solos, 5s.: Duets 6s.
Cramer, Bkalr & Woon, 201 Regent Street, W.


BUCALOSSI, PROCIDA. Sweet Violets' Waltzes
(illustrated). Price 4s.
Ditto Flowers of the Valley Waltzes, Illustrated. Price 4s.
Ditto Merrie England Waltzes do. Price 4s.

Ditto Water Lily Walties. do. Price 4s.

Ditto Crown of Roses'Polka, do. Price N.

Ditto Regatta Galop, do. Price 3s.

Ditto Gipsy Polka Mazurka, do. Price 3s.

Ditto Midnight Galop, do. Price 3s.

Cuambr, Ueale * Wood, 201 Regent Street, W.

COOTE, CHARLES. Carolina Polka (illustrated). Price 3s.

Ditto Simon Boccanegra Quadrilles. Illustrated. Price 4s. Ditto Un Ballo In Maschera Quadrilles, do. Price 4s. Cramer, Beale A- Wood, 201, Regent Street, W.

STANLEY, G. Summer Rambles Waltzes. Price 4s. Ditto. Prairie Flower Waltzes (illustrated). Price 4s.

Cramer Beale & Woon, 201 Regent Street, W.

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Best Sunderland Wallsend (thoroughly screened)

Adelaide Wallsend (recommended)

Good Strong Kitchen Coal (free from dust and slate)

27s. per Ton. 23s. do. 21s. do.


THE CECILIAN PITCH PIPE (a new invention), for the waistcoat pocket, is superior to all others, being much more powerful in ton e than any other at present in use—the pitch does not vary, whether so unded Piano or Forte—is easily repaired, or the pitch altered if required.

Price (any note) 2s. Cd. Post-free.

Boose Y & Cam a, 34 Holies Street, W.

EVANS'S ENGLISH HARMONIUMS for Cottages, Schools, Drawing Rooms, Churches, Literary and other public Institutions, are made in every possible variety at prices from 6 to 140 guinea*. The Manufacturers have to announce the complete success of a New Patent Self-Acting Blowing Machine, the only self-acting blower that has ever succeeded, which may be seen In operation at Holies Street daily.

The most distinguished living musicians, including Balfe, Sterndale Bennett, Cipriani Potter, Best, Henry Smart, ficc, have testified to the extraordinary merits of Evans's Harmoniums.

See testimonials attached to Illustrated Catalogues of Harmoniums, to be had gratis of the Manufacturers,

Boosey & Chino, 24 Holies Street, London,


JjJ two rows of keys, price 60 guineas in oak case, or 70 guineas in rosewood case, combines every modern improvement. The most beautiful and varied orchestral effects can be produced upon this instrument, which possesses every gradation of tone from the greatest power to the most delicate piano pieces. The English Model Harmonium is managed with that facility which characterises all Kvant's Harmoniurai, and is equally effective both in the drawing room and church.

Boosey & Chino, Manufacturers, 24 Holies Street, London, W,

EVANS'S PEDAL HARMONIUMS, with independent Pedal Reeds, can be had either with a single or double row of keys, at prices from £51 to 130 Guineas; also with the new patent self-acting blowing machine.

Boosey & Cuing, Manufacturers, 24 Holies Street, London, W.
Just Published, Price 'N

ASCHER'S ALICE. Transcribed for the Pianoforte, Is now ready, and may be obtained of the Publishers, Duncan Davison & Co., 244 Kegeut Street, W.

Just Published, Price 3s.,

ASCHER'S "ALICE." Transcription facile for the Pianoforte, by Rernhofp, is now ready, and may be obtained of the Publishers. Duncan Uayison &Co., 244 Regent Street, W.


_I_ ONE, BACK TO ME." Music by James Lea Summers. Price 2s. Cd each. "Both these songs have the charm so welcome to all who really care for art, of being written with taste and correctness. The melodies, too, while natural and unpretending, are decidedly c..., —Musical World.

London: Duncan Davison k Co., 244 Regent Street, W.

66 pASTLES IN THE AIR." Romance. Written by

J. Palgrave Simpson, Esq.; composed by J. F. EasKiNE Guodevb, M.A.,


London: Duncan Davison 2 Co.

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20. ■ 21. 22. 2.1. 21.

Entr' Acte -

Concerted Piece

Concerted Piece Rondo, Finale,

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"Hail, gentle sleep." "A loving daughter's heart." M With emotion p*>st all feeling." N.B.—Those marked thus (*) have transposed Editions.

Favourite Airs from Balfe's Opera, " The Puritan's Daughter," arranged by

\v. H. Callcott, in 2 Books Solos, 5s. \ Duets

W. H. Holmes's Fantasia, "The Puritan's Daughter"

Brinlej Richards's " Bliss for ever past." ------

Brinley KicharriVs Fantasia on the Favourite Airs - -

Galop, from M The Puritan's Daughter," arranged by C. Coote -
The Storm "w from " The Puritan's Daughter," arranged or C. Coote
Quadrille, from " The Puritan's Daughter," arranged by C Coot* -
Kiihe's Fantasia on M The Puritan's Daughter." -

Other Arrangements in the Press. "}
[London: Addison, Holliek & Lucas, 210 Regent Street










*. d.


SONG—A bachelor's life. (Hardress) - - - 2 6

DUET—The moon has rais'd the lamp above. (Hardress

and Danny Mann) - - - - - 2 G

SONG—The above arranged as a song - - - 2" 0

SONG—It is a charming girl I love. (Myles). In B flat

and in A - - - - - -26

SONG — In my wild mountain valley. (Eily). In D minor

and in C minor - - - - - -26

SONG, with CHORUS, ad lib.—The Cruiskeen Lawn • 2 6


CHORUS—Th« Hunting Chorus - - - - 3 6

AHi and DUET —The eye of love is keen. (Ann Chute

and Hardress) - - - - - - 4 0

SCENA—A lowly peasant girl. (Danny Mann) - - 3 6

ROMANCE (separately) — The Colleen Bawn. (Danny

Mann) - - - - - - -26

BALLAD—I'm alone. (Eily). In E flat and in C - 2 6

DUET—I give the best advice. (Eily and Myles) - - 4 0


SONG —The Lullaby. (Myles). In A and in P - - 2 6

TRIO—Blessings on that rev'rcnd head. (Eily, Myles and

Father Tom.) In D and in D flat - - - 3 0 DUET—Let the mystic orange flowers. (For two equal

voices) - - - - - - -26

BALLAD—Eily Mavourncen. (Hardress). In F and in D 2 6 RONDO FINALE—By sorrow tried severely. (Eily) - 2 6


$. d.

The Overture. Arranged by the Author - - 4 0 The Favourite Airs. In two Books. William Hutchins

Callcott - - - - - -50

Ditto. As Duets. In two Books. William Hutchins

Callcott - - - - - - 6 0

The Favourite Airs. In two Books. Franz Nava - 5 0

Ditto. As Duets. In two Books. Franz Nava • - 6 0

Set Of Quadrilles. Charles Coote - • - 4 0

Ditto. As Duets - - - - • -40

Set Op Quadrilles. "The Cruiskeen Lawn." Pierre

Laroche. Illustrated by Brandard - - - 4 0 Waltz. "Eily Mavourneeu." Charles Cootc. Illustrated

by Brandard - - - - . - 4 0

Set Op Waltzes. Pierre Laroche. Illustrated by Brandard 4 0

Galop. Pierre Laroche - - - - - 2 6

Brinley Richards, "Eily Mavourneen" - - 3 0

„ "I'm alone" - - - 3 0

„ "It is a charming girl I love" - 3 0

„ "The Cruiskeen Lawn" - - - 3 0

Kohe. Fantasia on favourite Airs - - - - 4 0

„ Grand Waltz - - - - - 4 0

G. A. Osborne. Fantasia on favourite Airs - - 3 6

„ "Ricordanza" - - - 3 6

Madame Oury. Fantasia on favourite Airs - - 4 0

Lindsay Sloper. Fantasia on favourite Airs • •
Rimbault. Six favourite Airs, easily arranged :—

No. 1. "In my wild mountain valley" - - - 1 0

2. "The Lullaby" - - - - - 1 0

3. "It is a charming girl I love" - - -10

4. "Eily Mavourneen" - - - - 1 0

5. "I'm alone" - - - - - 1 0 C. "The Colleen Bawn" - - - -10


Printed by Gioroi ANoaaw Spottiswoode, of No. 13 James Street, Buckingham Gate, in the Pariih of St. Margaret, in the City of Westminster, at No. 6 New-street Square, in the Parish of St. Bride, in the City of London. Published by John BooisY,atthe Office of Boosby & Sons, 28 Holies Street—Saturday, February 22, 1862.

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