The Weimar Republic: The Crisis of Classical Modernity

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Hill and Wang, 1992 - 334 oldal
About half of Kolb's compact book is devoted to a "Historical Survey," chronologically divided at the conventional watersheds of 1923-24 and 1929-30. A briefer second part, a historiographical essay in seven topical chapters, is followed by a seven-page chronology, a 676-item classified and topical bibliography, and an index. The bibliography, updated to February 1987, includes some English-language titles not in the original German edition, and is a list of tremendous value. Frequent references to individual entries (as well as to some works not found there) tie the bibliography to the historiographical essay, which is characterized by fair and judicious appraisal of interpretations of the period, even when Kolb clearly disagrees. There is a chapter on the revolution of 1918 and its aftermath in the first section, and one on art and mass culture in the second; each section of the survey also has one chapter focusing on foreign policy, and one on domestic developments.

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