Entrepreneurs Are Made Not Born

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McGraw-Hill, 1996 - 210 oldal
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What are the special qualities that all successful entrepreneurs have in common? Let Lloyd Shefsky show you with his insider's "crash course" in entrepreneurship as he lets you listen in on the guiding dreams, unique thought processes, and hard-won wisdom of such leading entrepreneurs as Michael Dell, Harold Geneen, Gordon Segal, and dozens of others. Whether it's Ben Cohen discussing how he conceived Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream ... Fred Smith talking about his creation of Federal Express ... Debbi Fields sharing secrets of her success with Mrs. Fields Cookies ... or Jay Pritzker explaining what can be learned from his experiences as the founder of the Hyatt chain of hotels, every one of these remarkable men and women agrees that entrepreneurs are made not born. Moreover, the author has combined their tales of success with his own experience and theories and shaped them all into concrete lessons that can be followed by anyone. You'll learn the secrets of generating ideas ... how to find and unlock your own "Dream Drawer" (everyone has one!); taking risks ... how to recognize and overcome a number of widely held misconceptions that non-entrepreneurs have about the nature of risk; conquering the fear of failure ... by learning to use fear as a spur to success and yesterday's failure as today's invaluable lesson; developing a strong work ethic ... and, at the same time, avoiding the trap of compulsive workaholicism. (Contrary to popular belief, successful entrepreneurs are not workaholics!); breaking the rules and being a maverick ... to see a dream through from inception to fruition; preparing for opportunity in advance ... to be ready and able when the opportunity does comeknocking; and perhaps most important of all, conquering the popular myths that can stop you: myths ranging from "You have to be young to embark on an entrepreneurial career" ... to "I'd have to give up too much of my private life" ... to "I'm doing so well where I'm at that I have too mu

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Entrepreneurs are made not born

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Shefsky, a lawyer specializing in entrepreneurship, uses inspirational vignettes to illustrate how people can take an idea or skill and parlay it into their own business. The emphasis here is on the ... Teljes értékelés elolvasása

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