Eleanor of Aquitaine: Lord and Lady

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Bonnie Wheeler, John C. Parsons
Palgrave Macmillan, 2003. jan. 18. - 506 oldal
These twenty-one chapters by scholars in various fields provide a fresh context for understanding Eleanor of Aquitaine's multi-faceted career and reputation. Her fame (and infamy) still fascinates us. She is a pivotal figure in the history of the twelfth century because of her lordly inheritance as well as the eminence--and political and diplomatic scope--of her marital rank as queen, first of France and then of England. Some essays in this collection reassess the often fragmentary historical information about her life, while others investigate her reputation in later literary and historical contexts.

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A szerzőről (2003)

Bonnie Wheeler teaches at Southern Methodist University, USA where she directs the Medieval Studies Program. She has edited and co-edited fourteen books, among them Listening to Heloise and Heloise and the Paraclete (forthcoming). She was founding editor of the journal Arthuriana and is series editor for two Palgrave Macmillan book series, The New Middle Ages and Arthurian and Courtly Cultures.

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