Data for Biochemical Research

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Clarendon Press, 1989 - 580 oldal
This book is designed to supply research workers in biochemistry and related fields with factual information about the compounds, reagents, and techniques they use most frequently in the laboratory. The material has been selected by practising biochemists and, in this third edition, a widerange of data is clearly displayed in an easily accessible form.Much has been deleted from earlier editions to be replaced by new material of current importance to biochemistry and molecular biology. Functional grouping of compounds has been emphasized to enable users of this book to see what compounds are available as well as find data on specific examples.Now available in paperback, this book provides a clear presentation of the type of information frequently needed in experimental work and is an invaluable laboratory companion for workers in any aspect of biochemistry.`Highly recommended as a standard reference source in biochemical research.' Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry

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A szerzőről (1989)

Rex M. C. Dawson is formerly at ARC Institute of Animal Physiology, Babraham, Cambridge. Daphne C. Elliott is at Flinders University, South Australia. William H. Elliott is at University of Adelaide. K.M. Jones is at University of Leicester.

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