Chasing the Sun: Solar Adventures Around the World

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New Society Publishers, 2005 - 320 oldal

If millions of people in the developing world can use solar power, why can't we in North America? The question immediately arises from this fascinating account of the author's 12-year quest to bring solar power and light to people in the developing world who have no electricity.

"Chasing the Sun" is a story of dreamers and doers who succeeded in their mission to make the world better by delivering nature's energy to poor people and by building organizations to put the sun at their service in practical, affordable, and effective ways. A green energy development narrative that is fun and eye-opening, the book is also part autobiography. Author Neville Williams' inspiring tale of trailblazing innovation describes:

* His founding the nonprofit Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) in 1990, which promoted solar power for a decade by setting up pilot solar rural electrification programs in 11 developing countries, including Zimbabwe, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and China
* His launching of the commercial Solar Electric Light Company in 1997, which became the SELCO group of companies that has overcome daunting challenges to bring solar electricity to 50,000 families in India, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam

Filled with colorful characters, the book also features the enthusiasm of maverick devotees to the renewable energy boom of the 1980s and 1990s and their interplay with staid DC-based development institutions, as well as their unique perspective on global solutions to "energy poverty." It will be illuminating to all interested in the environment, development, renewable energy, socially responsible business, and our future at the end of the age of oil.

Neville Williams was an award-winning journalist for many years who also worked as the national media director for Greenpeace. He remains involved with SELCO and is currently working on domestic solar initiatives from his Washington, DC, home.

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Neville Williams founded the non-profit Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) in 1990, and the Solar Electric Light Company in 1997 which he still directs. An award-winning journalist for 35 years, he also worked as national media director for Greenpeace and currently consults in the renewable energy field. He lives in Washington DC.

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