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Könyvek 1 - 10 könyv a kb. 20 találatból a(z) Black Education: A Transformative Research and Action Agenda for the New Century könyvvel kapcsolatosan.    

“Re-Membering” History in Student and Teacher Learning: An Afrocentric ...

Joyce E. King, Ellen E. Swartz - 2014 - 268 oldal
What kind of social studies knowledge can stimulate a critical and ethical dialog with the past and present? "Re-Membering" History in Student and Teacher Learning answers this ...
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The Art of Critical Pedagogy: Possibilities for Moving from Theory to ...

Jeffrey Michael Reyes Duncan-Andrade, Ernest Morrell - 2008 - 224 oldal
This book furthers the discussion concerning critical pedagogy and its practical applications for urban contexts. It addresses two looming, yet under-explored questions that ...
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Too much schooling, too little education: a paradox of black life in white ...

Mwalimu J. Shujaa - 1994 - 412 oldal
A classic contribution to developing educational settings, with cultural understanding for African children

Handbook of Research on Multicultural Education

James A. Banks, Cherry A. McGee Banks - 2001 - 912 oldal
"The depth and breadth of coverage is remarkable and the level of research and scholarship impressive." --Educational Leadership This groundbreaking handbook pulls together the ...

Teaching Diverse Populations: Formulating a Knowledge Base, 1944. kötet

Etta R. Hollins, Joyce Elaine King, Warren C. Hayman - 1994 - 289 oldal
This book presents current knowledge about teaching culturally diverse populations, traditionally underserved in the nation's public schools. It approaches the challenge of ...
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The Praeger Handbook of Urban Education, 2. kötet

2006 - 623 oldal
Maintaining that there is nothing simple about urban education, this work approaches the study of schooling in cities as a complex universe of the poorest students and schools ...
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Data Strategies to Uncover and Eliminate Hidden Inequities: The Wallpaper Effect

Ruth S. Johnson, Robin Avelar La Salle - 2010 - 312 oldal
Uncover buried data to close the achievement gap! Standardized test scores only reveal part of the story. Many hidden factors contribute to the achievement gap and chronic low ...
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Diving In: Bill Ayers and the Art of Teaching into the Contradiction

Isabel Nunez, Crystal L. Laura, Rick Ayers - 2014 - 216 oldal
Inspired by the life and work of Bill Ayers, particularly his advice to "teach into the contradiction', Diving In reflects the intellectual adventures that Ayers has always ...
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