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Könyvek 1 - 10 könyv a kb. 45 találatból a(z) Smart business: how knowledge communities can revolutionize your company könyvvel kapcsolatosan.    

Riding the wave: designing your organization's architecture for enduring success

Keith Merron - 1995 - 448 oldal
This comprehensive book is packed with field-tested tools and techniques that enable organizations to anticipate the future and respond in ways that ensure success. Based on ...

Comprehensive Intellectual Capital Management: Step-by-Step

Nermien Al-Ali - 2003 - 312 oldal
Learn the fundamentals, practices and models of intellectual capital management with this essential resource. Providing a business-oriented, critical review of the definitions ...
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Agile Networking: Competing Through the Internet and Intranets

George S. Metes, John Gundry, Paul Bradish - 1998 - 253 oldal
Agile is a mainstream business strategy designed to help corporations react effectively to destabilizing forces shaping global forces. This book aims to show decision-makers ...

Innovation Hardwired

Alexis Goncalves - 2008 - 212 oldal
Innovation is the fundamental source of value creation in companies and an important enabler of competitive advantage. Innovation is inherently a highly cross-functional ...
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