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Könyvek 41 - 49 könyv a kb. 49 találatból a(z) Smart Business: How Knowledge Communities Can Revolutionize Your Company könyvvel kapcsolatosan.    

Effective Knowledge Management for Law Firms

Matthew Parsons - 2004 - 264 oldal
While there is significant interest in knowledge management as it applies to legal environments, there are very few books specifically focused on this topic. In Effective ...
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IS Management Handbook, Seventh Edition

Carol V. Brown - 1999 - 808 oldal
In systems analysis, programming, development, or operations, improving productivity and service - doing more with less - is the major challenge. Regardless of your management ...
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eCFO: sustaining value in the new corporation

Cedric Read, Jacky Ross, PricewaterhouseCoopers Financial Management Solutions Team - 2001 - 372 oldal
Soon every business will be Internet enabled and we'll all start dropping the "e" in "e-business." Everything we do is being affected: product creation, customer fulfillment ...

Cultivating Communities of Practice: A Guide to Managing Knowledge

Etienne Wenger, Richard Arnold McDermott, William Snyder - 2002 - 284 oldal
Today's marketplace is fueled by knowledge. Yet organizing systematically to leverage knowledge remains a challenge. Leading companies have discovered that technology is not ...
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Diagnosing Greatness: Ten Traits of the Best Supply Chains

Charles C. Poirier, Francis J. Quinn, Morgan Swink - 2009 - 296 oldal
This distinguished team of authors, articulate the top ten traits of greatness that distinguish supply chain leaders from the followers and lagers. Each chapter covers a trait ...
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