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Könyvek 41 - 49 könyv a kb. 49 találatból a(z) Smart Business: How Knowledge Communities Can Revolutionize Your Company könyvvel kapcsolatosan.    

Smart Business

James Leibert - 2005 - 300 oldal
Smart Business is the definitive primer for understanding why companies behave as they do, what the basics of sound business practice are and where the stakeholders fit in ...
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Organizational Culture as a Mediating Factor on Knowledge Management Systems ...

Frank Douglass Christopian - 2008 - 164 oldal
Culture permeates organizations and is typically reflective of the national culture in which the organizations are immersed and operate. A comprehensive review of extant ...
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Developing Active Learning in the Primary Classroom

Anitra Vickery - 2013 - 240 oldal
Establishing an effective learning environment in the classroom requires a clear understanding of different teaching strategies that make children active participants in their ...
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Gender at work: organizational change for equality

Aruna Rao, Rieky Stuart, David Kelleher - 1999 - 246 oldal
An analysis of the institutional barriers to gender equality. It describes how to uncover the hidden values and cultures -- the "deep structure" -- in order to stimulate and ...

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