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Könyvek 21 - 30 könyv a kb. 46 találatból a(z) Smart business: how knowledge communities can revolutionize your company könyvvel kapcsolatosan.    

Competing with knowledge: the information professional in the knowledge ...

Angela Abell, Nigel Oxbrow - 2001 - 275 oldal
Knowledge management is the first major trend to identify information and its management as a crucial element for organizational success. It presents an opportunity for ...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Knowledge Management

Melissie Clemmons Rumizen - 2002 - 315 oldal
Discusses management models and concepts, strategies for sharing knowledge, and ways to implement the concept within a company.
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Organisation Development

AMITABH MEHTA - 2009 - 314 oldal
This work holds true, proving that Organisational Development may have changed since the late-1980s but that people in organisations largely have not. In a corporate ...
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Leading with Knowledge: The Nature of Competition in the 21st Century

Richard C. Huseman, Jon P. Goodman - 1998 - 216 oldal
`This body of knowlege should be of interest to human resource management specialists. ...[and] to those who are interested in developing their knowledge and understanding of ...
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Knowledge Management: A Blueprint for Delivery : a Programme for Mobilizing ...

Tom Knight, Trevor Howes - 2003 - 251 oldal
We are now in the 'third wave' of Knowledge Management - the first was focused on the potential of new technology, while the second focused on the nature of knowledge and how ...
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Competing by Design: The Power of Organizational Architecture

David Nadler, Michael Tushman - 1997 - 256 oldal
If the defining goal of modern-day business can be isolated to just one item, it would be the search for competitive advantage. And, as everyone in business knows, it's a lot ...
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The Truth About Middle Managers: Who They Are, How They Work, Why They Matter

Paul Osterman - 2013 - 189 oldal
Middle management" is a term associated with relentless downsizing, corporate drudgery, and career dead-ends. Bashed by management gurus, dismissed by social scientists, and ...
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Innovation Generation: Creating an Innovation Process and an Innovative Culture

Peter Merrill - 2008 - 218 oldal
"For successful innovation, an organization needs its people to be well connected, which is exactly what a highly-developed quality management system can do. This book shows ...
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