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Könyvek 21 - 30 könyv a kb. 48 találatból a(z) Smart business: how knowledge communities can revolutionize your company könyvvel kapcsolatosan.    

Knowledge based working: intelligent operating for the knowledge age

Steve Ellis - 2005 - 148 oldal
Summary: This book covers the priorities and challenges facing organisations who are increasingly focused on 'knowledge work'; it is written from a human relations - rather ...

Smart management of R&D in the 21st century: strengthening the Army's ...

Kenneth Horn, Rand Corporation, Arroyo Center - 2001 - 20 oldal
"Arroyo research has shown that a strategy built on a foundation of three integrated building blocks will enable the Army to be the effective smart buyer and smart provider it ...

Knowledge Emergence: Social, Technical, and Evolutionary Dimensions of ...

Ikujirō Nonaka, Toshihiro Nishiguchi - 2001 - 303 oldal
This book brings together the research of a number of scholars in the field of knowledge creation and imparts a sense of order to the field. The chapters share three ...
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Knowledge management toolkit: a resource for creating policy and strategy ...

Karen Giannetto, Anne Wheeler - 2000 - 113 oldal
Much has already been written on Knowledge Management at a fairly theoretical level. This resource focuses, for the first time, on how to:- communicate the ideas behind ...

Cross-cultural Perspectives on Knowledge Management

David Pauleen - 2007 - 259 oldal
A multi-disciplinary look at how culture affects the understanding and implementation of global information and knowledge management.
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Groups interacting with technology: ideas, evidence, issues, and an agenda

Joseph Edward McGrath, Andrea B. Hollingshead - 1994 - 180 oldal
Whether technology can improve a work group's productivity is one of the questions addressed in this volume, which examines how the use of computers and other electronic ...

The Knowledge Management and Application Domain

Steven Wieneke, Karla Phlypo-Price - 2010 - 116 oldal
A framework for knowledge management continues to elude the community, and relabeling a variety of methods, technologies, and fields of practice as knowledge management ...
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