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Könyvek 21 - 30 könyv a kb. 46 találatból a(z) Smart Business: How Knowledge Communities Can Revolutionize Your Company könyvvel kapcsolatosan.    

Permanent Innovation

Langdon Morris - 2006 - 280 oldal
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Focused Energy: Mastering Bottom-Up Organization

Paul Strebel - 2000 - 318 oldal
In today's world of rapid change, companies must unleash energy at all levels to identify new opportunities. But unleashing energy creates centrifugal forces that can pull the ...

Knowledge Management: Classic and Contemporary Works

Daryl Morey, Mark T. Maybury, Bhavani M. Thuraisingham - 2002 - 435 oldal
An introduction to the field of knowledgemanagement.
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Harvard Business Review on Knowledge Management

Peter F. Drucker - 1998 - 223 oldal
Leading Minds and Landmark Ideas In An Easily Accessible Format From the preeminent thinkers whose work has defined an entire field to the rising stars who will redefine the ...
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The Art of Managing Professional Services: Insights from Leaders of the ...

Maureen Broderick - 2010 - 288 oldal
Today, millions of people work at over one million professional service firms generating over $2 trillion in revenue annually. These firms face unique issues that are not fully ...

Agile Networking: Competing Through the Internet and Intranets

George Metes, John Gundry, Paul Bradish - 1998 - 253 oldal
Agile is a mainstream business strategy designed to help corporations react effectively to destabilizing forces shaping global forces. This book aims to show decision-makers ...

The Knowledge Evolution: Expanding Organizational Intelligence

Verna Allee - 1997 - 274 oldal
The Knowledge Evolution offers a unique and powerful road map for understanding knowledge creation, learning, and performance in everyday work. This book reframes current ...
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