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Könyvek 11 - 20 könyv a kb. 47 találatból a(z) Smart Business: How Knowledge Communities Can Revolutionize Your Company könyvvel kapcsolatosan.    

Leader to Leader 2: Enduring Insights on Leadership from the Leader to ...

Frances Hesselbein,, Alan Shrader - 2008 - 384 oldal
Leader to Leader 2 brings together the best and most popular articles from the award-winning journal Leader to Leader by some of the best-selling authors and thought leaders of ...
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Understanding organizational evolution: its impact on management and performance

Douglas S. Fletcher, Ian M. Taplin - 2002 - 230 oldal
Examines the most commonly encountered stages of organizational evolution, identifies typical crisis points faced by growing companies, and suggests ways of managing these ...

Competing with Knowledge: The Information Professional in the Knowledge ...

Angela Abell, Nigel Oxbrow - 2001 - 275 oldal
For information professionals to take advantage of KM they need to fully understand the concepts and benefits, the different approaches and techniques being implemented, and ...

Knowledge Unplugged: The McKinsey Global Survey of Knowledge Management

Jurgen Kluge, Wolfram Stein, Thomas Licht - 2001 - 224 oldal
Knowledge Unplugged announces the results of a major survey on knowledge management practice within the most influential companies in the world, by the most influential ...
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HBR's 10 Must Reads: The Essentials

Harvard Business Review - 2010 - 268 oldal
This series is designed to bring today's managers and professionals the fundamental information they need to stay competitive in a fast-moving world. From the preeminent ...
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The Future of Knowledge: Increasing Prosperity Through Value Networks

Verna Allee - 2003 - 294 oldal
Verna Allee presents her vision of the future of knowledge in organizations and contends that in order to succeed in the new century, businesses need to think beyond knowledge ...
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Corporate Instinct: Building a Knowing Enterprise for the 21st Century

Thomas M. Koulopoulos, Richard A. Spinello, Wayne Toms - 1997 - 284 oldal
Written by one of the nation's best-known (and most visible) technology consultants, this book presents a set of leadership and technology tools to help manage an organization ...

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