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Könyvek 11 - 20 könyv a kb. 47 találatból a(z) Smart Business: How Knowledge Communities Can Revolutionize Your Company könyvvel kapcsolatosan.    

Building the Learning Organization: A Systems Approach to Quantum ...

Michael J. Marquardt - 1996 - 242 oldal
Building the Learning Organization is the first practical guide to transforming your organization into one that is set up to learn - even seeks out opportunities to learn - and ...

Knowledge, Groupware and the Internet

David Elliott Smith - 2000 - 353 oldal
Knowledge, Groupware, and the Internet details the convergence of modern knowledge management theory and emerging computer technologies, and discusses how they collectively ...
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Knowledge Management in Education: Enhancing Learning & Education

Edward Sallis, Gary Jones - 2002 - 140 oldal
Knowledge Management (KM) is the technique of using the information and knowledge that is supplied to, generated by and inherent in any organization or institution, to improve ...
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Facilitating Learning Organizations: Making Learning Count

Victoria J. Marsick, Karen E. Watkins - 1999 - 222 oldal
The authors give guidance and advice on how to facilitate the complex change interventions that are required to build learning into the system so that it makes a difference ...
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In Good Company: How Social Capital Makes Organizations Work

Don Cohen, Laurence Prusak - 2001 - 214 oldal
Knowledge has always resided in organizations-but it wasn't until the Information Age put a premium on ideas that intellectual capital was recognized as a critical resource ...
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Global Vision: Building New Models for the Corporation of the Future

John L. Daniels, Caroline Daniels - 1993 - 197 oldal
Identifies three different models of global business strategies, and emphasizes the role information technology plays in global business activities

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