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Könyvek 11 - 14 könyv a kb. 14 találatból a(z) Smart Business: How Knowledge Communities Can Revolutionize Your Company könyvvel kapcsolatosan.    

Learning in Action: A Guide to Putting the Learning Organization to Work

David A. Garvin - 2000 - 256 oldal
David Garvin helps managers make the leap from theoretical ideal to actual practice. In addition to describing the basic steps in any learning cycle, he examines the critical ...
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The Future of Knowledge

Verna Allee - 2009 - 232 oldal
Verna Allee, whose groundbreaking book 'The Knowledge Evolution' helped usher in the exploding field of knowledge management, has brought her experience-tested insights into an ...
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Strategic Management in the Innovation Economy: Strategic Approaches and ...

Thomas H. Davenport, Marius Leibold, Sven C. Voelpel - 2007 - 441 oldal
Innovative ruptures of traditional boundaries in value chains are requiring companies to rethink how they go to market, what they need to own, what they need to retain and ...
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