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Könyvek 1 - 10 könyv a kb. 45 találatból a(z) Intellectual capital: the new wealth of organizations könyvvel kapcsolatosan.    

Value-driven intellectual capital: how to convert intangible corporate ...

Patrick H. Sullivan - 2000 - 276 oldal
How do firms like Hewlett-Packard, DuPont, Dow Chemical, IBM, and Texas Instruments routinely convert the ideas of their employees into profits that sustain the corporation ...

Intellectual Capital for Communities: Nations, Regions, and Cities

Ahmed Bounfour, Leif Edvinsson - 2005 - 348 oldal
In the knowledge economy, the value of corporations is directly related to their knowledge and intellectual capital. But broaden the perspective a little wider and you begin to ...
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Making Sense of Intellectual Capital

Daniel Andriessen - 2004 - 456 oldal
Peter Drucker has introduced us all to the knowledge era, where knowledge is the primary resource and intangibles (intellectual capital resources and assets) are now largely ...
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Intangible Assets and Value Creation

Juergen H. Daum - 2003 - 444 oldal
With the use of practical in-depth case studies and interviews with leading experts in the field, this book analyses the key elements in value creation in the new age. It ...
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