The Challenge of Ethnic Conflict, Democracy and Self-determination in Central Europe

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Frank Cass, 1997 - 158 oldal
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This volume provides an overall assessment of ethnic diversity in Central Europe in historical context and presents a critical assessment of the conflict in former Yugoslavia. It advances a hypothesis on the origins of ethnic conflict, proposes an approach to the prevention and reduction of ethnic conflict in general and in Central Europe in particular, and forwards concrete policy recommendations for the region of East and Central Europe and beyond.

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Ronen, Harvard Medical School.

Anton Pelinka is professor of political science at the University of Innsbruck (since 1975) and director of the Institute of Conflict Research in Vienna (since 1990). He has written extensively in the field of comparative European politics and democratic theory and is the author of "Die keine Koalition, SPO-FPO1983-1"986 and "The De-Austrification of Austria: The Acceptance of Smallness.

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